Tuning In to El Morya

This post is from El Morya’s November 28, 1958 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 1 No. 16.

From the windows of my retreat here in Darjeeling I have a beautiful view of the scintillating Himalayan snows upon the crests of the majestic peaks nearby; and yet because of the temperate climate, it is possible to view the parade of the four seasons through the year. And so, as I look out upon the beauties of Nature that surround my lovely home on every side, I often think of you, individually and collectively, as you experience Nature’s variation of expression, climatic or otherwise.

Do you know that it is easier for you to tune in to my consciousness than it is for you to tune in to your radio or television set? You see, to connect with me you have but to turn your attention to me from wherever you are. Is that not simple and easy of accomplishment?

So as the coming months will give my gracious readers more time to spend indoors, I trust that you will fully utilize winter’s opportunity to study these beneficent laws and crystal-clear truths that we have been presenting to you, as Paul also admonished: “Study to show thyself approved unto God…”

Ask God each day that, for that day, only the divine plan of your lifestream will manifest; then by turning your attention to him, learn from God how you can easily and quickly fulfill that divine plan.

Just think what an activity of cosmic purpose is expressed each year by the tiny seed in its own setting. Can you not do at least as much, having through the threefold flame anchored right within your beating heart all of God that is required for you to produce this victory as your harvest of the hours and lifetimes spent in his service?

May your own beloved, beautiful I AM Presence illumine you quickly, each one, as to the real meaning of the will of God that I AM in action all ways!

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Lose Yourself in Service through Love…

…and You Will Pass Every Test

This post on service to the Light is excerpted from a recent Pearl of Wisdom (Vol. 61 No. 27) by Pelleur. To recieve you Pearls of Wisdom subscriptions early each month – either printed or as EPUB files for any mobile device – go to Pearls of Wisdom subscriptions.

I will give you, then, the cure for the human consciousness, for human rebellion, and for the karma of a planet and a people. And the cure is this: that every man and every woman and every child should lose himself in service and in the sacred labor of working the works of God upon earth.

The Luciferians come to the chelas on the Path in an attempt to convince them that other concerns have priority—the concerns of the little self, its self-imposed suffering, its self-imposed struggle. I say, break the bonds of the entire nightmare of an unreality that has naught to do with the true initiations of the Path! I say, lose yourself in service and through love—love for God in man—and you will pass every test along the way.

As you prefer the flame of life in one another, as you lift up your hearts and heads and behold, by the vision of God, the priorities of the needy and the hungry, of all of elemental life waiting to be nourished by your flame, of so many who suffer the pangs of separation from God, you will see by that vision that there is not time to worry about the little self.

Let us be up and doing, then! Let us go forth in the edict of the Lord to take dominion over the earth! There is a community to be built. There are sacrifices to be made. There are souls who hunger. Why tarry in the dregs of selfishness and self-conceit? There is no dichotomy; only in darkness is there division. But in the light of the flame of Reality, in the realization of the One and the Presence of love, all is Real.

I, Pelleur, speak to you who have been given the opportunity to take dominion in the earth. I say, lose yourself in service to the light, to lifewaves teeming, multitudes teeming. I say, be not concerned with the preferences and the prejudices, the sensitivities and oversensitivities of that little self.

For that little self will consume you! It will take all of your energy, all of your time, and it will return to you nothing! You must forget those things that are behind you and press forward toward the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus.

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Know the Star-Fire Perfection

causal body - star-fire of perfection

…of the Will of God

This post on the Will of God is excerpted from a recent Pearl of Wisdom (Vol. 61 No. 25) by El Morya. To recieve you Pearls of Wisdom subscriptions early each month – either printed or as EPUB files for any mobile device – go to Pearls of Wisdom subscriptions.

I AM the exponent of the will of God! For I AM the ensouling of that will for all who serve on the ray of God’s will—the first ray of First Cause, of energies released within you.

See to it, then, that the energies which you release from chakras now purified are in the exact replica of the will of God that is the blueprint of life, the pattern of destiny that God has sealed within each of your star-fiery chakras.

Realize, then, that for every thought and every word and every action there is a divine blueprint, and that blueprint is held in the will of God.

There is no need to have unexpected manifestations of emotional turbulence. There is no need for unplanned activities.* There is no need for a lack of precision in knowing the mind of God if you will first center your consciousness in the flame. And thereby you will be free from all derision of the carnal mind that would make a mockery of life and of your greatest moments of the sublime presence of the will of God.

Do you see, then, that by coming into the center of the awareness of the will of First Cause you can outsmart the effects of the dark denizens of astral mire?

Do you see, then, that it is wrong in the eyes of God to be a reactor to effects and that you must go to the will of First Cause, to the central manifestation of that will, and see to it that that will is released? And then you go forth to fulfill the plan according to the blueprint.

Find the Star-Fire of Perfection

It is folly to act without first knowing the blueprint of action! And if you cannot know the blueprint, then know this: that your Christ mind does ensoul that blueprint, that your I AM Presence ensouls that blueprint.

And therefore, if you are on a mission for the Brotherhood and you are, as it were, feeling your way out into the unknown, first know that, in the name of the Christ, your Higher Being and your Higher Self is showing you the way.

Thereby you find the star-fire of perfection at the end of the road.

The Genius of the Christ Mind

You know that you have arrived because of the genius of the Christ mind that is ever active, waking and sleeping, ready to lower into manifestation—in the outer mind, the inner world, the subtle world and the subconscious plane—every aspect of the consciousness of God that is necessary for an accurate assessment of events, for an accurate outpicturing of events in this plane.

After all, blessed ones, is not the activity of the outer consciousness the vanity of vanities? All is vanity! If it is vanity, then I say, why indulge in the human consciousness? Why take it seriously?

Why not realize that even human happiness and human sorrow represent the yin and the yang of a consciousness that is yet to be made permanent in the Christ?

Why not live in reality here and now? Why constantly be on the periphery of unreality, reacting to the events of unreality when you can be centered in the Christ and walk the earth as masters of time and space?

It is high time that the chelas of the light respond to this call to be centered in the will of God by going back to the cause behind every outer manifestation. Perceiving that cause, you can bring blessing to all of life. For in the midst of turmoil you can keep the flame because you see the vision.

And because you see the vision, you have compassion for those of a lesser state of consciousness who are out of phase with the blueprint.

*This may mean actions taken that are not in accordance with the divine blueprint that is the will of God.

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Intercede on Behalf of Mankind

 This post is an an excerpt from the 1976 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 19 No. 20 by Gautama Buddha.

Mankind know not how the balance scales of the Holy Spirit are now delicately balanced by the flames of the devotees of every faith and every calling, the sincere who are clear, whose auras are clear for the light to penetrate. These are they who are the electrodes of the Great White Brotherhood, of hierarchy. They stand upon every continent holding forth the light until their bodies receive so much light that the weight becomes a burden of light that can be felt tangibly.

The ascended masters are close to their chelas. And the parched earth soaks up the fire of the living Word almost before it is spoken by the chela. So the invocations and the calls go forth. Action is released, but there is counteraction; and the counteraction is the free will of mankind.

You have the right and the authority in God, in the name of the I AM Presence, to challenge the misuse of freewill when that misuse encroaches upon planetary life and interferes with the freedom of mankind to follow the path of initiation, to make their way back to the center of God. I say, then, do not sleep this night ere you have spoken these words:

“In the name of Jesus the Christ, in the name of Gautama the Buddha, I challenge all misguided use of free will and all misqualified energy that encroaches upon the freedom of the souls of Terra to choose the way of light, to choose the path of the ascension! I stand in God, I stand for God! I AM on earth as I AM in heaven! I AM a chela of the ascended masters! And I pray this prayer that mankind might have this night the light of vision and the enlightenment of the Buddha, the freedom flame of Saint Germain, and the protection of Archangel Michael for the victory, for the liberation of an entire lifewave. Let it be done in the name of the Father, the Mother, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. All this I AM.”

Now you may not have memorized those words; and if you have not, the simple prayer of the heart, the intent of the heart to intercede on behalf of mankind, will do. But speak the prayer with the authority of the I AM Presence! Speak it loud and clear! Let the fiat go forth! And let it resound across the heavens and across the earth that a noble generation of lightbearers has arisen in this age to proclaim the way of light, the way of the Buddha, the way of hierarchy, the way of freedom with honor.

So let cosmic councils hear your call and your plea! Let them know that there are some here below whose hearts, like candles, glow with fervor and a fire and a compulsion to rise, to rise higher and higher into light, into God, into the center of the flaming yod.

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Love in Action

This excerpt on the therapy of divine love from For Love in Action by the Lady Master Nada published in the 1965 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 8 No. 30.

Wisdom expressed in action releases greater love into the hearts of those dedicated to its holy strands. Each lifestream upon earth ought to understand the spiritual significance of the heart as the center for the divine light.

The final abode of God’s light ray of individualized energy is the heart wherein the expanding threefold flame is secured. Being, then, expands its awareness through the flame within the heart. When you guard the action of that flame by determining that no person, place, condition, or thing shall ever interfere with it, the physical organ is strengthened and great cosmic compensation occurs to amplify the divine intent in man.

The therapy of divine love ought to be applied daily by all. Yet how sad it is, blessed ones, that mankind permit outer distractions to interfere with their spiritual nourishment whereas their physical hunger is seldom denied attention.

The heart is indeed the altar of being. If the body of man is to express the health of Almighty God, this wonderful center within the body temple must be bathed daily in a pool of unselfed love. The love of which I speak is too pure to be dissipated in feelings of self-righteousness which do subtly steal God’s vital energy. Such love is held inviolate through a grateful sense of expanding light energy whereby the merging of the individual self with God transforms the human monad into a radiating orb of God’s all-encompassing grace and perfection.

You know that the auric fields and atmosphere of some individuals and places do at times pull down your thoughts and feelings. Well, precious hearts of light, pay them no heed, but be and continue to be the fullness of that love which refuses acceptance of any imperfect conditions, whether they be imposed from another or originate in the recesses of one’s own subconscious memory.

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The Greatest Gift of all

Christmas angels 2

Merry Christmas from the Summit Lighthouse

A meditation for increasing the light

The Goddess of Light has given us a meditation for increasing the light within us. She said:

It is well to develop a meditation on light whereby you see pinpoints of light throughout the body. Visualise yourself as a giant Christmas tree with a candle on every little twig and branch so that a million candles might burn on your tree of life to light the way for millions. Remember that at every point of every cell of your body, there is a nucleus in the atom and there is a central sun in every cell. These are points of light. These are, as it were, manifestations of the Great Central Sun at microscopic levels.

Vibrant health within the body helps to keep the light circulating. Thus, one may enjoy the vibrant mind that is quick and alert and the desire body that is truly aligned with the Law of God in the joy of the LORD.

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