Let Truth Reign in the Earth!

This excerpt is from the dictation The Revolution of Truth by Hilarion delivered June 30, 1993 published in the 1993 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 36 No. 45.

Yes, I AM the apostle Paul. I AM everywhere in the consciousness of God! And when these fallen angels think that they have gotten rid of this one and that one of whom they have made martyrs, well, these so-called martyrs spring up again, they return to life, they reincarnate. And the fallen angels have quite a time putting out the candles of all those saints who return to the earth and all those saints who are ascended who move among them throughout the earth.

Why, I tell you, beloved, they have not gotten rid of any one of us! Not one single one of us have they done away with! We are staying with the earth, we are staying with those who hold the Light in the earth. And we draw the line of Truth, beloved. We are here. We are alive forevermore!

Do not think, then, that all these martyrs are dead and in heaven, for the majority of them have said: “We are going back! We are reembodying! We are not going to take this lying down! We will come back and take our stand for Life!”

And I submit to you that over 50 percent of you in this audience this day have at one time or another been martyrs for Truth. And therefore I laud your mighty inner being and I say, bring it forth and let it blossom as the lilies of the field once again!

And I make this fiat to you this day, beloved: Nevermore shall you be martyred but rather shall you become the master of yourself and of your aura and of your being! You shall invoke that violet flame with new zeal, the zeal that says:

I will become invincible/invulnerable
because I will balance my karma
by sacrifice, by service, by surrender, by selflessness–
by coming into the path of initiation and invocation
on the Ruby Ray.
I will invoke the violet flame!
I will serve and I will balance that karma!
And therefore I will be karma-free!
And I will put on the whole armour of God!
And I will see to it that I balance every aspect of my four
lower bodies, my mind, my soul, my heart and my being.
And therefore, I will stand in the earth.
And I will have my God-mastery.
And I will make my ascension in God’s good time
and not at the call of this one or that one
who does determine that my candle should be
snuffed out ahead of time.
I will guard that flame on the altar of being!
I will increase it!
I will impart it!
I will be a champion of Truth!
And I will go in the name of the apostles of Christ
and in the name of the Lord Christ.
And I know that they will be with me.
And therefore, in the name Jesus Christ,
I cannot fail! I will not fail!
And I will know the fulfillment
of all of my mission in this life.
I shall rejoice, for I AM the bearer of joy!
And none can quench my flame of joy this day or
forevermore, for I AM in the heart of Jesus Christ.
And Jesus Christ is in the heart of me.

So I have said all that is necessary to be said in this hour. For the rest, your own Higher Self does give unto you that fountain of living waters whereby ye may know life that is eternal here and now.

Ever I AM your brother on the Path, consoling you, walking with you, conferring with you, discussing the mysteries of scriptures written and those kept in the retreats.

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