Travelling to the Etheric Retreats

Locations of the Etheric Retreats Recently Revealed

Nada Atl Priestess

The locations of the physical and etheric retreats of the archangels, ascended masters, and Elohim have only recently been revealed. We are fortunate in this time that the masters have given us this knowledge. They do not have to give us these revelations, but they do so because they are walking the last mile with us, wanting to give us every opportunity to progress spiritually.

The ascended masters understand that when people know where these retreats are, they will center their attention upon them. Unfortunately, some of that attention becomes the conduit for mankind’s subconscious misqualified energy. However, at the price of some loss of privacy and having the attention of the world upon them, the ascended masters, archangels and the Elohim have released the location of their retreats for the benefit of mankind.

The Purposes of the Spiritual Retreats of the Ascended Masters

The heavenly hierarchy functions through its retreats, and the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood serve many purposes. They are the homes of the masters in the heaven-world – the etheric body of planet Earth. The masters also use the retreats to anchor certain energies throughout the earth on behalf of mankind.

Records of past civilizations and golden ages are stored in the retreats. Perhaps most importantly, the ascended masters serve in their retreats as the teachers of mankind.

Retreats Are Spiritual Training Centers

Souls of light in embodiment who desire to be trained on the spiritual path may journey to the retreats in their soul consciousness while their bodies sleep at night. The retreats are centers of study and learning as well as places for training.

Download our retreats call sheet and use the daily calls to visit the retreats of the Chohans as you follow the path of the seven rays over the course of a week. Don’t forget to keep pen and paper close by your bed to write down anything that comes to you on waking.

Spiritual Retreats Of The Great White Brotherhood Chart

Chohans, Archangels and Elohim Retreat Locations

Rays of the Flames
Chohans, or Lords
Focusing the Christ
Consciousness of the Ray
Archangels and Archeia
Focusing the Solar
Consciousness of the Ray
Focusing the God
Consciousness of the Ray
First Ray
Will of God
Throat Chakra
El Morya
Darjeeling, India
Michael & Faith
Banff and Lake Louise
Hercules & Amazonia
Half Dome, Sierra Nevada
California, USA
Second Ray
Wisdom of God
Crown Chakra
Grand Teton, Teton Range
Wyoming, USA
Jophiel & Christine
South of the Great Wall
near Lanzhou
North Central China
Apollo & Lumina
Western Lower Saxony
Third Ray
Love of God
Heart Chakra
Paul the Venetian
Southern France
Temple of the Sun
New York City
Chamuel & Charity
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Heros & Amora
Lake Winnipeg, Canada
Fourth Ray
Purity of God
Base of the Spine Chakra
Serapis Bey
Luxor, Egypt
Gabriel & Hope
Between Sacramento and
Mount Shasta, California USA
Purity & Astrea
Near Gulf of Archangel
White Sea, Russia
Fifth Ray
Science of God
Third Eye Chakra
Crete, Greece
Raphael & Mother Mary
Fátima, Portugal
Cyclopea & Virginia
Altai Range where China
Siberia and Mongolia meet
near Tabun Bogdo
Sixth Ray
Peace of God
Purple and Gold
Solar Plexus Chakra
Saudi Arabia
Uriel & Aurora
Tatra Mountains south
of Cracow, Poland
Peace & Aloha
Hawaiian Islands
Seventh Ray
Freedom of God
Seat of the Soul Chakra
Saint Germain
Transylvania, Romania
Table Mountain, Rocky Mountains, USA
Zadkiel & Amethyst
Arcturus & Victoria
Near Luanda, Angola
Eighth Ray
Liberator of the Sacred
Fire of the Seven Rays
The Maha Chohan
Sri Lanka
His Twin Flame
(Not Revealed)
(Not Revealed)
The Summit Lighthouse Australia