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The Mystery of Being

What is the purpose of my being? Where am I going? How do I get there? How can I change my course or should I?

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Welcome to our website, an all encompassing spiritual platform which we warmly invite you to explore and discover the exciting and rich path of soul evolution.

Our purpose is to help guide you in unravelling the mysteries of the inner self, gaining a true and practical understanding of the soul and the stages of its journey, in discerning the personal path that leads to the highest spiritual growth and fulfilment.

As you delve into these pages, you will find answers to these fundamental questions you have asked and even those that have yet sat unspoken and unheard in your heart. You’ll encounter profound truths and practical wisdom presented with clarity.

Allow us to guide you on this sacred journey.

Who is the Father/Mother God from whom we came?

Some may call Him the Source of Life, Brahman, Spirit—or the “I AM Presence.” The Mother aspect is matter, the materialization of Spirit, the womb of the universe.

Meet Your Divine ldentity

Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? How do I get there?

These are some of the existential questions that every soul seeks to answer at some point in his/her life. Understanding who and what you are forms the foundation of your life. Unless you come to a knowledge of your true nature you will always feel that certain hollowness in your life and you will seek to fill it in ways that are non-fulfilling.

So what is the nature of man? Modern writers describe Spirit as having a human experience, rather than humans having a spiritual experience.

You are a spiritual being—a child of God clothed with human form and personality. You have a divine nature and this divinity resides as a divine spark deep within you that is your personal source of power. Ultimately, the soul’s purpose is to unite back to Spirit after its sojourn here on earth.

Having been created from Spirit, the soul was given the opportunity to experience life in this material plane. Through its human experience, it has the opportunity to exercise free will and intelligence creatively according to cosmic laws, be a co-creator with God. The soul is meant to return back to Spirit in the ritual of the ascension, trailing ‘clouds of glory’—having understood the nature of being, gained enlightenment through the expansion of consciousness, mastered time, space and circumstance, fulfilled her divine calling, contributing to the upliftment of life and the expansion of God.

To enable the soul to do this, it has a Higher Self, also called the Real Self, referred to in spiritual teachings as the ‘hidden man of the heart.’ More familiarly, the Higher Self is referred to as the Christ Self. Jesus was a full embodiment of the Christ, hence he is known as Jesus Christ. We all have a Christ Self which we have to fully realise and embody, in obedience to Christ command to follow him. The Christ Self is your inner teacher whose still small voice speaks within you—warning you of danger, always guiding you, calling you back to the point of your divine reality. You must take the time to tune in to that voice. The Christ Self is the open door, the mediator to the Father Mother God.

Knowing your divine nature is crucial to understanding your identity as well as your mission. You are created to be always in relationship with our creator, the Father. This connection is crucially important; lacking this has contributed to the feeling of aloneness, anguish and emptiness in people.

You were born with a unique purpose to fulfill on earth, something which is yours alone to do—unless you do it for loved ones or for the betterment of mankind, no one will. Fulfillment of your life’s purpose is one of the requirements for the victorious return to and ultimate reunion with Spirit.

Throughout mankind’s history, saints, sages, spiritual giants, ascended masters have illuminated the path ahead as they have demonstrated victory over time and space through their lives. They serve as true mentors, eager to share their wisdom and guide us towards total soul liberation. Their teachings show us how to overcome obstacles, learn to play this grand game of Life, assimilate their insights, and establish a personal connection with them.

Since 1875, through the messenger Helena Blavatsky the knowledge of Saint Germain and the violet flame has been given to us for the upliftment of our own lives and for humanity. By invoking the violet light through decrees, meditation and mantras, we can accelerate our spiritual development and more quickly erase our debt to life by transmuting our negative karma. This is a tremendous benefit for humanity that has been more recently revealed through the messengers Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet in the teachings on the use of the violet flame. Learn about this Elixer of Life and how it can produce positive changes in your life. Download your free ebook chapter now.

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Kuthumi, Jesus, Saint Germain and El Morya

So Who Are the Ascended Masters?

Let us continue on our journey. You can learn more about the ascended masters through the Essentials of the Teachings program given for people who are new to the teachings who would like to learn the basic teachings, their historical progression, as well as ascended-master perspectives on various topics.

The seminar includes interactive workshops, powerful messages from the ascended masters called dictations and special rituals for soul purification and wholeness.

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