Travelling to the Retreats

etheric retreat in mountains

Spiritual Retreats of the Great White Brotherhood

You can travel out of the body to the etheric retreats while your body sleeps at night. You can escape your physical body and leave the bounds of earth, traveling with or without consciousness.

etheric retreat in mountains

Steps to Facilitating Your Out-Of-Body Retreat Experience

  • Avoid heavy foods in the few hours before sleep so that the functions of the body can be at rest and the soul more easily ascend to higher octaves.
  • Avoid violent or negative movies or television shows in the hours before sleep. These can magnetize the soul to lower levels of consciousness instead of the highest levels of the etheric plane.
  • Create your period of spiritual attunement before sleep, perhaps reading the words of an ascended master, to help attune your consciousness with the intended destination.

Where we are in consciousness before we sleep will often determine where we go.

etheric retreat in mountains

Invoking Archangel Michael for Safe Travel

And most important is to make the call – simply ask to be taken by Archangel Michael to the retreat nearest you or the retreat of your choice.

Here is a short prayer you can give before you go to sleep to ask to be taken to the retreats. For example, use it to attend the two-week training sessions with the chohans of the rays.

Make this call nightly, and see how the angels will swiftly take you, clothed in your finer bodies, to the ascended masters’ classroom to learn important soul lessons.

Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit. Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, I call to Archangel Michael and his legions of blue-lightning angels to protect and transport my soul clothed in her finer bodies to the retreat of the ascended master __________________ at ____________________ this night. Escort me, instruct me, guide and protect me as I work to set free all life on earth. I ask this be done in accordance with the holy will of God.

The Royal Teton Retreat is the most important retreat for newcomers and a very good place to start your conscious experiments with journeying to the retreats.

Some have asked what happens if they live in a different time zone and they are awake while others are asleep and visiting the retreats. Will they miss their classes? The answer is “no.”

The retreats operate twenty-four hours a day in another dimension of time and space. You may wish to keep a notebook by your bed and write down impressions or ideas that come to you on waking.

etheric retreat in mountains

A Sense of Self-Worth

The ascended masters have told us that sometimes the only barrier to our attending the etheric retreats is a lack of the sense of self-worth. Like the prodigal son, we have been away so long that we hesitate at the threshold. Will I still be welcome after all this time?

Remember that God dwells in you, and God in you is worthy to attend the retreats of light. The ascended master El Morya addresses this subject and invites you to the Retreat of Good Will at Darjeeling:

I say to you again, the welcome mat is out. Here in Darjeeling we await the coming of those chelas who will recognize their spiritual prerogative – their right, if they choose to make themselves ready – to cast aside those human deep feelings and momentums of the past and, in the wonder of regeneration, to generate within themselves the tender feelings of love and compassion for the will of God, beholding in that will the same embodied thought that beloved Jesus beheld: ‘Not my will, O mighty I AM Presence, but thine be done.’


In this wondrous concept embraced, men shall find their freedom. Standing apart, standing backward and beholding it as a mere vision, as a possibility at some distant time, as a myth, as a hallucinatory grail that does not exist, men shall not find it. Recognizing that it is as close as hands and feet and heartbeat, men shall find it within themselves, and discovering it there, shall discover it everywhere.

“How then shall Darjeeling be closed against them? How shall any retreat of the ascended masters be closed against them? Those worthy to come to one are worthy to come to all. Those worthy to come to none are worthy to come to none.

Unworthiness, beloved ones, is only the human concept that is not willing to recognize in God the freeing power whereby they may enter into the very heart of each ascended master retreat and draw from those retreats the fullness of that immortal love that shall lead them progressively forward, day after day, to that place upon the Path where the will of God can be known, loved, adored and cherished. And then that will cherish them.


“As the will of God cherishes you in response to your call, you shall find yourself vested from day to day with more of the radiance of the Brothers of the Diamond Heart.”

Download the calendar of the Fourteen-Day Cycles at the Universities of the Spirit Chart (PDF)  hosted by the Chohans of the seven rays.

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