The Way of Peace

The Way of Peace

This excerpt on The Way of Peace is from the dictation by Gautama Buddha from July 1, 1971 published in the 1983 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 26 No. 20.

Beloved hearts of light, the kingdom of God is within you. When you really understand that, the way of peace is known to you and the adventure of living becomes more palatable—more acceptable to your outer consciousness and, I am quite sure, more acceptable to the Law of Love that is a part of your inward nature, even as it is the part of all mankind.

But what a pity it is that men are allowing themselves today to be captivated by those who seek to divide men into little camps of opposition. They cannot understand the way of peace, the way of nirvana. They do not understand the Be-ness of God, that God is everywhere and that he dispenses those drops of Life which are his reality as the golden oil of the anointing of the One Spirit Most Holy which all can receive because to all it is given—a treasure of sweetness, a treasure of compassion that reaches up magically enough, miraculously enough, to participate in the grand adventure of becoming one with God.

Through the nirvanic state, I was able to forsake all the manifestations of darkness that had been for so long a part of my nature. And at last, the high adventure of infinite Love was before me. The veil parted, and for the first time, through the process of inner meditation, I was able to perceive the nature of God closely aligned with my own. And many experiences came to me—the experiences of entering in to the vibratory nature of those who were not attuned with the Divine Presence but had sundered this long ago, engaging now only in outer expressions without understanding the nature of the God within.

Yet, except the Lord keep the city, the city cannot be kept. And so, the domain of man’s destiny must be kept by the inward peace which he knows to be real, to be vital. The experiences he seeks must come to him born of the love that is the emanation of God within him.

Becoming a True Buddha

But man does not need to linger just on the small externalization of cosmic substance which he is able to understand and to bring into the areas of his life as the first anointing. He may grow (O wondrous maturity!) into the consciousness of becoming a true Buddha, an aspiring one—one who seeks by the process of budding to become a cosmic flower in the garden of God.

And all is Allah, all is the Buddhahood, all is the bestowal of the sacred fire. Whether we stop for a moment to consider the teachings of the Parsis (those who are dedicated to the principles of fire) or whether we are concerned with the manifestation of Christianity in the distant West—all are participating upon the planetary body in the magnification of cosmic intensity in the desire to feel His love bestow upon them the vestments of a cosmic glory not seen at first, but perceived often in the dimness of men’s consciousness as they begin the process of stilling the mind and finding within themselves the depth of the richness of the wisdom of God.

Through the process of stilling the mind, the tremendous potency of the Cosmic Light is distilled in essence to the view of all who will open their spiritual eyes and behold at last the light of the cosmic I AM Presence—valiantly, radiantly outpouring its sweet oil of delight and freedom upon the altar of their heart!

Man possesses the power of change. Man possesses the power, the transmutative Law lives within him. But God has first willed it so, and the angelic hosts have also so willed it. Now it remains for man also to enter into a pact with the Cosmic Christ consciousness so beautifully resident within his soul.

Teachings of the Ascended Masters:

Intercede on Behalf of Mankind

 This post is an an excerpt from the 1976 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 19 No. 20 by Gautama Buddha.

Mankind know not how the balance scales of the Holy Spirit are now delicately balanced by the flames of the devotees of every faith and every calling, the sincere who are clear, whose auras are clear for the light to penetrate. These are they who are the electrodes of the Great White Brotherhood, of hierarchy. They stand upon every continent holding forth the light until their bodies receive so much light that the weight becomes a burden of light that can be felt tangibly.

The ascended masters are close to their chelas. And the parched earth soaks up the fire of the living Word almost before it is spoken by the chela. So the invocations and the calls go forth. Action is released, but there is counteraction; and the counteraction is the free will of mankind.

You have the right and the authority in God, in the name of the I AM Presence, to challenge the misuse of freewill when that misuse encroaches upon planetary life and interferes with the freedom of mankind to follow the path of initiation, to make their way back to the center of God. I say, then, do not sleep this night ere you have spoken these words:

“In the name of Jesus the Christ, in the name of Gautama the Buddha, I challenge all misguided use of free will and all misqualified energy that encroaches upon the freedom of the souls of Terra to choose the way of light, to choose the path of the ascension! I stand in God, I stand for God! I AM on earth as I AM in heaven! I AM a chela of the ascended masters! And I pray this prayer that mankind might have this night the light of vision and the enlightenment of the Buddha, the freedom flame of Saint Germain, and the protection of Archangel Michael for the victory, for the liberation of an entire lifewave. Let it be done in the name of the Father, the Mother, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. All this I AM.”

Now you may not have memorized those words; and if you have not, the simple prayer of the heart, the intent of the heart to intercede on behalf of mankind, will do. But speak the prayer with the authority of the I AM Presence! Speak it loud and clear! Let the fiat go forth! And let it resound across the heavens and across the earth that a noble generation of lightbearers has arisen in this age to proclaim the way of light, the way of the Buddha, the way of hierarchy, the way of freedom with honor.

So let cosmic councils hear your call and your plea! Let them know that there are some here below whose hearts, like candles, glow with fervor and a fire and a compulsion to rise, to rise higher and higher into light, into God, into the center of the flaming yod.

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Teachings of the Ascended Masters:

The Power of Perfect Peace

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The Power of Perfect Peace excerpt is from the New Year’s dictation by Gautama Buddha given during the The Class of the Archangels conference and published in the 1981 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 24 No. 11.

Perfect peace is an armor for the fight. It is a ring-pass-not. O you who are weary of the dumpings of the demons upon your feeling bodies, where there is no rest for the weary—blessed hearts, consign the imperfect ones and their imperfect emanations to the flame.

And make your New Year’s resolution the drawing of the ring-pass-not around the desire body and the whole of being. Make your New Year’s resolution the God-determination not to experience any element of anti-peace.

When messages of gloom and doom, or triumph or tragedy, life or death, are transmitted unto thee—do not allow these to come as injections to change the coloration, the frequency, the vibration of the aura. But simply acknowledge and direct light! light! light! into all activities where those involved have lost the equilibrium of Alpha and Omega and therefore are without peace.

Some of you are thinking that the Lord Christ Jesus came not to send peace but a sword. And I come—and my sword is peace! Thus, together we present East and West. And out of the resolution of the sword of flaming peace and the flaming peace that swallows up the sword, you will understand the active and passive parts of thy being in Spirit and in Matter. Truly the divine complement is one.

Now, blessed hearts, I seal you in the memory of your desire for peace above all other considerations. Do not sell thy peace for paltry gain or some mere pleasure of the human mind or body. Remember there is a higher way and a higher peace. And remember that once I held you in that flame to set the course of Life. And in that hour and in that moment you knew the meaning of readiness for the Lord.

Teachings of the Ascended Masters:

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