World Teachers Seminar Update

“In the name of the Lord’s anointed, we preach to you the mystery of ‘Christ in you, the hope of glory,’ and we summon to the seminar of the World Teachers the faithful and true students of the Word who have the courage to be initiated by Jesus Christ as shepherds to the multitudes.” – Sanat Kumara, Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 22 No. 22. Summit University Summer 2018 is building excitement with another opportunity to integrate and assimilate the light of the original 1979 Seminar of the World Teachers with 12 powerful dictations by Jesus, Kuthumi, and Sanat Kumara. Join

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Freedom 2018 Invitation

  President Valerie McBride welcomes you to the Inner Retreat to our 60th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee From June 29th – July 4th The post Freedom 2018 Invitation appeared first on The Summit Lighthouse. Teachings of the Ascended Masters: If you want to know more about attending this in person or at one of our centres here in Australia call 1300 554 384 or contact us via email

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