For Those Who Would Teach Men the Way

Prayer and Meditation & Corona Class Lessons

Two Handbooks By the World Teachers Jesus & Kuthumi

The Lost Teachings of Jesus are being shouted from the housetops. Let the disciples of the Lord join him and his beloved Saint Francis (known as Kuthumi) to deliver to his own these precious dictations on prayer as unbroken communion with the Father and meditation as a two-way communication system to God.

Let their 48 Corona Class Lessons lead you step by step up the mount of transfiguration as you learn with Peter, James and John of Jesus’ communion with the ascended and angelic hosts and take up the mantle he gives you to preach his Lost Teachings to the world.

In Cosmic Consciousness by Lanello you make contact with the great truths of your immortal being in God. Now you can run with the message as Jesus and Kuthumi show you how to teach the precepts that are laid in divine order for the salvation of souls and their protection in this time of trouble.

Yes, the teachings are meant to be taught, God-taught, by each one who has drunk from the cup of the Saviour. Hearts reach out to you who know the true meaning of his life and mission. They call to you to teach them the Way of personal Christhood—the Path of Love that freely gives to all the living Bread which is come down to us from heaven today.

The supreme joy of reading Jesus’ own words dictated to the Messengers Mark and Elizabeth Prophet—of entering the heart of Saint Francis, everyone’s divine poverello—is beyond many a soul’s hope for comfort and enlightenment in this world. Yet here, now, in popular paperback format, are two volumes of the most profound, the most essential knowledge so needed by seekers for Christ’s healing Truth made simple and practical for everyday situations.

Let Jesus and Kuthumi open your understanding of the Divine Doctrine and show you how to face and conquer life with the Spirit of Christ’s victory, even as you show others how to prepare for the Lord’s coming- bodily into their temple- with his Holy Spirit and saints.

“I tell you, the Corona Class Lessons are sacred scripture. You can easily walk up and down, take your exercise and recite aloud in a soft voice the beauty of the Word as you articulate it and therefore build, brick by brick in the physical octave, the kingdom of God by the power of the spoken Word of the saints. These are holy words. They are not to be read once for information, but many times for assimilation.” – Ascended Master Pope John XXIII, January 25, 1987

Assimilate the Word with Your Personal Copies

Order your personal copies of Prayer and Meditation and Corona Class Lessons—written especially for you who would teach men the Way, all the way home to God—with Jesus “my Saviour.” From the heart of Jesus, these two handbooks for disciples of the Lord’s Word and Work are your key to fulfilling his scriptural challenge to “feed his sheep” and do his “greater works.”

Prayer and Meditation includes chapters on the Science of the Spoken Word, Individualization of the God Flame, Saint Germain, violet-flame decrees, plus 18 illustrations of world teachers. 350 pp.

Corona Class Lessons 48 chapters with 32-page color section on Healing through the Transfiguration, 500 pp.

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“All who would follow in my footsteps must understand that unless they are able to contact the great Source of life and continually renew their strength, their mission will not be carried forth in the manner desired by God.” Jesus

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Teachings of the Ascended Masters:

I AM Lord’s Prayer – A Key to Jesus’ Heart

We have an excerpt from the the 1993 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 36 No. 26 by Jesus the Christ. 

“Go here!” “Go there!” Thus you will hear the people proclaiming the coming of the Messiah. “What Messiah?” we say.

Why, the Messiah is the Christ of me and the Christ of you and the only begotten Son of the Father-Mother God. And yet, unless you will open your breast and show your sacred heart that your sacred heart might be the target of Antichrist, do you truly walk in my footsteps on Good Friday?

Do not be afraid of pain! Be not afraid to know the pain that allows you to enter into the bliss of nirvana and total oneness with your God. Is this not your desire, beloved? (“Yes!”)

Think about the deep desiring of your soul and your innermost being. If you desire to be in God and to embrace and be a part of that great Tree of Life so that the birds of the air (meaning the winged orbs of consciousness of the Mind of God) that rest in the branches of your consciousness actually become a part of you–if you really desire all of this and more, beloved ones, then you must surely conclude from the equation of being and anti-being that if you are to realize your highest imaginings of self in God, something must go: on this side of the equation something must go. And that something is anti-being.

But you will look again and you will see that the Lord God has not, does not and will never deprive you of anything that is necessary to your spiritual, eternal joy, as Above, so below. Only you can deprive yourselves of joy by free will, by karma made.

All of the things that you need, beloved, come to you by your recitation each day of the Lord’s Prayer, the “I AM Lord’s Prayer.” This prayer is a declaration of the Father’s love for you and of your love for the Father. This Lord’s Prayer is the prayer whereby you achieve the bonding in your Guru-chela relationship with me and Maitreya and others of the ascended hosts. Therefore let us recite it now together:

I AM Lord’s Prayer
by Jesus the Christ
Our Father who art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy name, I AM.
I AM thy Kingdom come
I AM thy Will being done
I AM on earth even as I AM in heaven
I AM giving this day daily bread to all
I AM forgiving all Life this day even as
I AM also all Life forgiving me
I AM leading all men away from temptation
I AM delivering all men from every evil condition
I AM the Kingdom
I AM the Power and
I AM the Glory of God in eternal, immortal manifestation–
All this I AM.

This is your alchemical formula for the precipitation of your Tree of Life, your goal in life, your pyramid in life! Do you not see that the Father has guaranteed to you the kingdom, the power and the glory?

The kingdom is the consciousness of the totality of your being in God. The kingdom, beloved, is God’s consciousness where you are. The full power of God that comes upon you is the empowerment of your Mighty I AM Presence, which you experience when you seriously embrace the Path. The Path is difficult yet not too difficult for anyone–hard, yes, but not too hard. Yes, beloved, the glory of God is the ring upon ring upon ring of your Causal Body that descends upon you when you live the “I AM Lord’s Prayer.”

When you find the key to my heart in this prayer and many other prayers that were dictated by the ascended host through Mark Prophet, you will come to understand, beloved, that you can fulfill all of your goals–human, material, physical, spiritual, mental, psychological. Yes, you can fulfill all these goals and at the same time retain what you are in God and not lose one iota of your spirituality or your inner attainment. And the talents of your God-mastery will descend from your Causal Body in this life when you are ready to receive them and when you have balanced certain karmas that you made since you had that attainment of Light in ages past and applied it to many good works.

Yes, beloved ones, if you try to do all things by yourself, you will find it is simply impossible. For the word is written and it cannot be broken: With God all things are possible! With man nothing is possible.

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Teachings of the Ascended Masters:

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