The Breath of Victory

This excerpt from the dictation Breathe In the Spirit of Cosmic Victory! by Mighty Victory is from the 1999 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 42 No. 44 and in the collection of Mighty Victory’s dictations, The Mandate of Victory. With each breath you draw, if you so qualify it, ladies and gentlemen, you can accept victory into your world. You say, when you call forth your breath from the atmosphere, that it is a simple process that goes on automatically. True, but ladies and gentlemen, if you call forth victory in that breath and say to your own God Presence, “Mighty

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The Majestic Sense of Victory

This excerpt is from the lecture The Majestic Sense of Victory by Mark Prophet delivered December 31, 1969, at The Class of the Golden Cycle and published in the 2000 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 43 No. 1. The Majestic Sense of Victory The majestic sense of victory is a tangible thought creation that requires meditation by the students. And so the phrase, or title, that I am bringing forth is a mantram in itself. Let me call it Victory’s mantram, for through me, he has brought it to you. Now, I am only the open door to the majestic sense

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Summit University 2018 – Claim The Victory Way Life

Never have another thought but victory! (Early Bird price expires 15th December) Is that humanly possible? The ascended masters tell us in resounding terms it is, even for imperfect human beings living in an imperfect world. All we need to do to rise above our daily challenges, disappointments and occasional failures is to embrace the victory consciousness! The masters have released tremendous teachings on how to connect with the very source of victorious living: our Mighty I AM Presence. They teach us how to access this limitless reservoir of conscious divine power and let its radiance govern our lives, turning

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