Master Hilarion’s Retreat

Evening Prayer to Master Hilarion Before Retiring Every two weeks classes are held in the Etheric realms at one of the Chohan’s retreats. Classes at Hilarion’s retreat run every 14 weeks for 2 weeks. January 4th 2017. In preparation for the spiritual tests we face the next day, El Morya asks us to call in the name of […]

The Spiritual Quest

Sat. 25th June 2-4pm-Expand the Flow of Light Within Part 1 Sat. 16th July 2-4pm-Expand the Flow of Light Within Part 2 Sat. 30th July 2-4pm- How Karma Works-Part 1 Sat. 13th Aug. 2-4pm. Balancing Karma- part 2 Melbourne Teaching Centre 3 Devon St, Croydon, Vic. COST: $5 Transform your life, find inner peace and […]

The Summit Lighthouse Australia