Christ Consciousness Functions Through the Chalice of the Mind

This excerpt from Cause-Effect Relationships Pearl by Cuzco from May 7, 19712 published in the 1972 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 15 No. 19. The Christ Consciousness is a spiritual manifestation which functions through the chalice of the mind. The mind which you believe to be completely identified with your physical form is in reality separate […]

Discover the Keys to Christ Mastery

This excerpt from the Bypass the Carnal Mind and Pursue the Imitation of Christ dictation by Archangel Jophiel and Archeia Hope from July 2, 1989 published in the 1989 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 32 No. 36. Therefore know that in this month and in this year you must discover the keys to that Christ-mastery and […]

I AM the Universal Self

 This excerpt on the Universal Christ from John the Beloved’s dictation The Confluent Stream of the Universal Christ was delivered April 7, 1982, during the Easter Conclave at Camelot and published in the 1982 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 25 No. 22. You know me as John, called the Beloved. And I come on this eve […]

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