Christ Consciousness Functions Through the Chalice of the Mind

This excerpt from Cause-Effect Relationships Pearl by Cuzco from May 7, 19712 published in the 1972 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 15 No. 19.

The Christ Consciousness is a spiritual manifestation which functions through the chalice of the mind. The mind which you believe to be completely identified with your physical form is in reality separate therefrom and may roam the universe untethered. Yet it is wise for all mankind who embark on the spiritual Path to learn to enjoy the scenery in the foreground as that which is closer to the present moment rather than to wander afar in the horizons of time and space.

The reason for this can be apparent, blessed ones, if you will try to understand that your fellow passengers on the ship of time, though they may manifest varying states of consciousness, are still functioning within the practicality of a moment–and so must you if you would deal effectively with them.

One of the great tragedies that has occurred in connection with mankind’s search for God is that religious men and women have allowed the unfortunate spirit of condemnation, criticism, and judgment to occupy the platform of their mind and emotions. Whereas they may seek to justify their denunciation of one another, saying that it is a matter of theological dogma, actually it is often a matter of spiritual pride; moreover, they are beset with that negative magnetism which allows spirits of diversity to use their consciousness rather than the one Spirit of God.

Quite frequently the charges they bring to bear upon one another involve the very things which they themselves are doing, while those whom they accuse may be wholly innocent. Judgment is never wise. Unfortunately, those who practice it are usually karmically guilty of attempting to destroy, either directly or indirectly, the reputation of those whom they fear or of those of whom they are jealous. Sometimes they act in good faith but in poor judgment.

Wise is the disciple at any point upon the spiritual Path who remains unmoved by those condemnation techniques which are actually extensions of the powers of darkness, moving at times even through those who have performed spiritual utterances or who have achieved a reputation as a spiritual teacher.

The enemy, in the process of separating man from God, utilizes the most devious methods. The human personality is always involved. Beware then of those who are quick to accuse; and remember that “the accuser of our brethren,” according to the ancient writings, “is cast down (into the earth plane), which accused them before our God day and night.”

Spiritual Discrimination – Attuned to the Christ Consciousness

Spiritual discrimination is a natural faculty of the soul that is attuned to the Christ Consciousness and will eventually prove the way that leads to the abundant Life and cooperation with the cosmic Hierarchy. The spiritual Path is wonderful! It is a manifestation of universal delight, the overflowing cup of God-happiness.

Instead of critically scanning those you meet and allowing yourself to have your happiness disturbed, seek to convey a blessing upon all. Greet all with the love of the God Flame that is within and proceed, if you can, to let that Flame work the change in mankind that is wholly constructive.

If, however, the peace and the love which you send to others in the name of The Brotherhood is rejected by them, your energy will return to you and you will find that peace and love manifesting within your own soul as they proceed to set up the matrices of those tests which will one day show them the error of their ways.

The Spark of Universal Joy

Be not unduly concerned over those who seek to make you uncomfortable or to disturb the peace of your soul. Know that the laws of God are inexorable; they cannot be broken. Each violation must one day be adjusted.

Just see to it, beloved ones, that the peace of a right attitude–not that of self-righteousness, but that of divine righteousness–remains upon your heart’s altar, a flame that no human emotion can quench, a spark of universal joy that spreads the panacea of cosmic healing everywhere throughout the universe.

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Teachings of the Ascended Masters:

Discover the Keys to Christ Mastery

This excerpt from the Bypass the Carnal Mind and Pursue the Imitation of Christ dictation by Archangel Jophiel and Archeia Hope from July 2, 1989 published in the 1989 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 32 No. 36.

Therefore know that in this month and in this year you must discover the keys to that Christ-mastery and lay such a hold upon that inner God-mastery of your Holy Christ Self that you truly shall become conscious of that Holy Christ Self walking, thinking, feeling, and speaking through you.


Now listen to the lesson of the Archangel of the Second Ray, beloved, and of the Mother angel beloved Hope. The teaching is this, beloved. When you hear yourself saying things that you know your Holy Christ Self would not say, then you know that that Holy Christ Self has ascended far above you and cannot enter in. When you say things with a tone of voice [of] condescension, with criticism, with burden or depression, sarcasm or the vibration of gossip, then you will know your Holy Christ Self cannot enter; for it is the law of God.

Therefore pursue the path of the imitation of Christ. Speak as you know or believe Christ would speak, with love but firmness, sternness where required, mercy when it is due, soft-spoken when needed, in the intensity of the sacred fire when you would awake a soul who will not be awakened. Blessed ones, speak as Christ would speak and Christ will speak through you. This is [also] the Mother-teaching of the Second-Ray Archeia.

Think as Christ would think and Christ will think through you and the Mind of God will become congruent with the physical vessel. And there shall be no separation, as things equal to the same things are equal to each other–one Christ, one Lord, one manifestation within your temple!

When you think thoughts impure, unkind, critical, intolerant, blessed hearts, the Mind of Christ is not in you. The carnal mind of a fallen angel has entered! An archon* has trapped you! Remember, beloved, it is not worth it. [For when you entertain fallen angels] you sacrifice being a world teacher in the flesh and the very messenger of your own Christ Self to many.

When you have feelings that are not the feelings of the compassionate Christ, then you know Christ is not in you. Hasten, hasten to your altar! Call, then. Affirm. Replace. Practice sweet thoughts, sweet feelings, sweet words and soon they will come naturally. Demonstrate them to your children, to one another, and others will speak as you speak; for all humans are imitators.

You speak alike if you are from the same section of the world. You even think alike. You may even walk alike. You may even like the same music. Humans are mimics, beloved. And therefore, understanding the plasticity of the mind and the ability for change by the violet flame and the power of thought and the word and the love expressed to convert [the soul to her God Presence], know this, that you may convert many to the higher way of God Harmony.

Finally, beloved, perform deeds that you know Christ would perform and shun those which Christ would not engage in. As you make your songs to the Holy Christ Self and Flame [to be] the songs of your heart, the threefold flame will grow! And do you know what will happen? What will happen, beloved, is a greater sensitivity to life whereby you are one with the heart of the Goddess of Liberty and understand the burdens of many and why they are burdened. You will have compassion to help them but most of all you will have strength.

*In Christian Gnostic writings, archons are the powers that rule the world and attempt to prevent the soul from returning to her divine source. In her lecture prior to the dictation, Elizabeth Clare Prophet read Authoritative Teaching, a Gnostic text discovered at Nag Hammadi that recounts the soul’s divine origin, how her adversaries try to entice her away from the Path, and her ultimate overcoming through knowledge and the medicine of the Word.


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Teachings of the Ascended Masters:

I AM the Universal Self

 This excerpt on the Universal Christ from John the Beloved’s dictation The Confluent Stream of the Universal Christ was delivered April 7, 1982, during the Easter Conclave at Camelot and published in the 1982 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 25 No. 22.

You know me as John, called the Beloved. And I come on this eve of the day and the hour of the unfoldment of those events that have led to the glorious victory of the resurrection and the life—proven by the Son of man, great vessel of the Word incarnate, for each and every one of us, His disciples.

I bring to you then, through the akashic records, the very stillness, the very vibration of His Word that quivered and rippled the ethers until every plant and flower, blade of grass, every elemental and angel, every part of the mystical body of Love held breath and waited—waited in the rhythm of the heartbeat of God for the unfoldment of His passion, that the blood of Life might flow to the renewing of all creatures: This Life descending out of Alpha and Omega through Him for the light of all the world, that through Him, through that Word, all, all who believed in the great consonance of the Word might be saved!

I AM the perpetual affirmation of His being.

I AM the great lover of His Sacred Heart.

I would be the disciple, as archetype of the path of your perfection!

I would have you know Him directly through my heart and my love!

I would be intercessor!

I would be the one that teaches you: What would Our Lord do? What would God do in this moment of my crisis, my cross, my crucifixion?

It is not that you ask, beloved, “Shall I or shall I not be crucified with Him?” Nay, you ask it not. For you have already said, “Lord, I would drink Thy cup, all of it and any portion thereof.”

Therefore, you ask, “How shall I be crucified, Lord, with Thee? How shall I be fastened to the cross of life? How shall I open my heart, that Thy life might flow through me to all?”

This is your soul’s pondering, as you truly understand His teaching and would redeem the ignorance of two thousand years and truly be followers of Him—in the Word and in the deed of the Word.

Dear hearts, do you really know how the heart of Jesus does cherish the moment of your own Christhood? For until it occur in you, all His preaching is in vain—and He is not redeemed because Christ is not redeemed in you.

And He is that Christ. He is that Universal Christ! For each and every son of God who has realized that Christhood moves in the confluent stream of the Universal Christ.

There is only one Christ. And all who are one with that Christ are one! And therefore, there is one—only one begotten Son of God, in and amongst and through you all.

And your perception of the one Light is as if I would take a candle and place a prism between it and yourselves—and suddenly you would see a million candles!

And each of you would see a different million candles, and you would claim one as your own, and you would say, “This is my Christ!” And I should say, “Yes, my beloved, you have perceived the mystery—you have perceived the mystery that He taught us.”

O come to the garden of His heart. For this, this conference the Lord Christ Himself has consecrated to your walk with Him in the garden of His heart.

And I AM at the door of His heart. And as the disciple, I have been asked by Him to bid you enter. For in the garden where the fountain is, there He stands waiting to receive you.

Teachings of the Ascended Masters:

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