The Greatest Service You Can Render

The Greatest Service You Can Render

This post on being positive with people is an excerpt of the dictation The Greatest Service You Can Render by Saint Germain published in the 2004 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 47 No. 51 and Vol. 47 No. 52.

“This is another aspect of self-mastery, beloved. Human beings change every day. The outer self has moods, its ups and downs—sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes in this and that direction. And another day and another day and that same individual will be positive and ready to join the team and go to work and accomplish such-and-such because they now have the vision.

“It is good, then, to remember the words: “What is that to thee? Follow thou me.” It is good to ignore, almost (without revealing that you are ignoring, almost) the outer self that comes and goes—to count on the inner Christ and to continue to reaffirm and reaffirm and reaffirm that Christ, despite all other expressions to the contrary on the part of this or that individual.

“You will see the endurance of continuously reinforcing the right, the good, the true, the beautiful and letting pass by those barbs which long ago would have caused you to feel challenged, making you feel that you must defend your good name, having a good fight with someone to show who has the upper hand and all of those ins and outs.

“Blessed ones, gossip travels here, gossip travels there. People talk about this one and that one and who is doing what. But it all boils down to this:

When you are with an individual who has interest in the Path, who knows the teachings, in other words, one who may be a disciple or a quasidisciple on the Path, simply continually reinforce the good in that one. Let pass, let pass all negatives! Do not even give them the time of day. Do not address them except to comfort, uplift and show the individual that there is a bright sun on the horizon and a rainbow after the rain.

“Continue in being positive with people, beloved. And you will find that by and by you will have no enemies; for you will simply not have acknowledged that they are enemies. And you are continuously affirming the rightness, the truth and the reality that God has placed in each and every one.

Magnanimity of Heart

“This is magnanimity of heart. To be magnanimous, to me, is to set aside and ignore and put away any seeming faults of another. Be magnanimous. Supply the support, the love, and give recognition. Give recognition to the I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self of that one. Give recognition to the good and the accomplishments of the soul. Breathe a prayer for the balancing of that one’s threefold flame and your own.

“And above all, do not waste your time in repeating stories about this and that. “What is that to thee? Follow thou me.” I am Saint Germain. These are the words of Jesus Christ. They are the words of my Son. They are your words. Follow, then, and continue following.

“Bless life. Do not mentally criticize others. It is the great disease of planet Earth. In fact, it is why many individuals have reembodied here so many times. It is that criticism that continues and continues in malicious gossip. I tell you, have no part with it.

“And remember, it is the law of the Darjeeling Retreat of your El Morya.”

Teachings of the Ascended Masters:

Be Saint Germain In Action

In honor of Saint Germain’s ascension day, we bring this excerpt of his 1994 Ascension Day Address dictation Whatever It Takes for Your Victory, Be Willing to Do It! published in the Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 37 No. 20 .

Blessed ones, I want you to be as I AM and as I was. For on my ascension day when I entered into the great God-Reality of my true being, it was but a step from where I had been in embodiment. This you can read in the akashic records and you will find that it is true. For I maintained a level of God consciousness in the flesh until that hour. You might say I was in the world but not of it. Nevertheless, I was fully draped with ascension’s flame prior to my ascension.

The greatest weakness I find in this Community (if I may state it, beloved, for your own good) is that you allow your vibration to drop beneath the level of the Christ consciousness and the heart chakra. Be forewarned that when you do this you separate yourselves from the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood.

Therefore, first things first. Be able to diagnose yourselves through the doctor Gautama Buddha and through your own Holy Christ Self. Take note when there is that subtle descent and you are no longer in the full glory and joy of your Holy Christ Self. This does not mean that you should be in a state of gaiety to the point of not being on guard. You can have the full awareness of the Christ, beloved, and be balanced.

But take heed, all of you. For in everyone who is yet of the unascended consciousness there do lurk those self-created snares and traps of the soul. And then there are those snares and traps that come from one’s association with others. Therefore beware.

People count it their right and a matter of integrity to trust one another. Be certain that you are trusting the God within. For if you are relating to the outer person, then you will have many ups and downs in relationships. But if you relate to the great God-Reality of your own being and stand firm in that God-Reality, you will connect with the God-Reality of another and raise up a brother or a sister who has not yet merged with the I AM Presence.

You may raise and comfort the mighty as well as the lowly. You may be the embodiment of the Comforter. And this teaching I bring to you, beloved, as you approach the celebration of Pentecost this month. O beloved hearts, to be one with the Maha Chohan—this is a great calling indeed.

Thus I ask you to determine all factors in your life and what are those repetitive manifestations of mediocrity that you engage in—repetitive ad nauseam for you and for me—that keep coming up again and again. Analyze them. Deal with them. Be done with them! See them for what they are. Know your greatest weakness and overcome it by your greatest strength and press on.

Do not fail your tests, beloved. Some fail their tests in pride, in anger, unwittingly.

How can anyone be unwitting? You must be full of the wit of Saint Germain. You must be full of mockery for the human consciousness, even the human consciousness of yourself. You must make light of it but be stern enough to cast it out and be done with it—once and for all.

It is monotonous, it is boring, and it is burdensome to you and to me when you allow your human vibration to repetitively pull down your soul. For just when we are about to speak to you along the pathway of life, we find you absent from the center of your God consciousness. As a result, we cannot communicate with you at inner levels but we must wait until you realize that you have stepped out of the mantle of your Christ Self and have descended again into that level of human nonsense.

Bring yourselves up, beloved! You never know, you never know when in the course of your communing with nature, in being in the great outdoors, in being in the wind and the sun and acknowledging the Holy Spirit everywhere—no, you never know, beloved ones, when we shall impart to you profound insight.

What closes us off from greater communication with many of you is constant chatter and the constant preoccupation of thought and feeling with human concerns. We can enter in and advise you, warn you, alert you, remind you only if that soul of yours, that mind of yours is one at the level of your Christ Self.

Draw nigh to your Christ Self and your Christ Self will draw nigh to you.

. . . . .

I AM Saint Germain. I flood the earth with Freedom’s flame. I flood your souls, washing them clean with ascension’s fires.

Whatever it takes, beloved, be willing to do it for your Victory.

Whatever it takes, I tell you, be willing!

Do not miss the opportunity to love.

Teachings of the Ascended Masters:

Saint Germain, Help me now!

This excerpt with a call to Saint Germain is from The Pillar of Violet Flame published in the 1987 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 30 No. 6.

For this day I can give only that which the Law allows for each life­stream—that which you are able to receive. Blessed ones, it is an increment of light that will not hurt you but will help you. And thus, the governing action of the Cosmic Christ allows only that which the body can receive and yet remain in balance to take place.

Therefore, my beloved—those who have known me forever, those who only recently have made my acquaintance—I tell you that I took the name Saint Germain, for it means “holy brother.” May you think of me always as your friend and brother on the Path. And may you know that I may not enter your world to intercede for you unless you call my name in the name of God and ask.

Therefore, say it to me any hour of the day or night—“In the name of Almighty God, Saint Germain, help me now!” I promise you that an Electronic Presence of myself shall be at your side with the speed of light.

And if you desire to increase your capacity to receive my assistance, then take up the calls to the violet flame and see how your aura will actually turn a violet color so that friends may see it and feel the impact of the Seventh Ray.

When your aura is so charged, beloved, I may then enter it and repolarize your very physical form to the light of God that never fails, to the inner blueprint and the image of Christ in which ye are made!

From the beginning unto the ending, I AM Saint Germain, one with the Keepers of the Flame worldwide. O beloved, let me help you! Receive me now as your friend forever.

Teachings of the Ascended Masters:

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