Create the Blueprint for the New Year

For this New Year, not only set a resolution, but create a blueprint for the coming year that includes steps to accomplish your goals by building your own life-changing momentum of an “intense action of the violet flame” with the 30-day Violet Flame Challenge! One month of encouraging emails with the ascended masters’ perspective on the almost magical qualities of the violet flame sent to you daily. Prove the violet flame works and make this year a major turning point in your life. With a changing of cycles, along with taking stock of the advances and retreats of the last

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Violet Flame Challenge Update

Over 1600 People in 82 Countries Have Joined the Violet Flame Challenge Knowing about the violet flame and feeling the energy of the violet flame are two different things. With the Violet Flame Challenge you build a daily experience with the violet flame: Start with downloading your free ebook, then Receive a daily email for 30 days with inspiring quotes from the masters and archangels of the seventh ray! After one month you will see what transformative changes have happened in your life! Feedback from Challenge Participants “It has been a week of intense transformation and shift here and I

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