Create the Blueprint for the New Year

For this New Year, not only set a resolution, but create a blueprint for the coming year that includes steps to accomplish your goals by building your own life-changing momentum of an “intense action of the violet flame” with the 30-day Violet Flame Challenge! One month of encouraging emails with the ascended masters’ perspective on the almost magical qualities of the violet flame sent to you daily. Prove the violet flame works and make this year a major turning point in your life.

With a changing of cycles, along with taking stock of the advances and retreats of the last year, we can take the advice of the ascended master Chananda contained in these timeless excerpts from a dictation given December 28, 1975 and published in the 2016 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 59 No. 23 and Vol. 59 No. 24.

The Patterns of the Past Can Be Broken

We say, open the way for those who have made themselves worthy to receive. Open the way. Open the way. We call for the setting of the pattern of the new year. We call for the setting of the pattern on which successive patterns of successive years may be built.

When you look to yourself and to your soul and you ask, “What is my blueprint for this coming year?” do not neglect the patterns of the past—five hundred thousand, seven hundred thousand, nine hundred thousand years of incarnations.

And your patterns are as clay tablets. Thank God they are clay! Thank God they can be broken! But who has the authority to break the clay tablets of the records of infamy and darkness and the fall of the soul into the density of the physical plane? Who has the authority? Why, your own Christ Self.

And so you see, in setting the pattern for the new year, you are almost totally governed by all of the discs of the tablets of clay that are set upon one another, one by one, almost as a pile that reaches unto the skies. And yet, you see, they are not condensed in this plane. And all contain, within the electronic belt of your own forcefield, records of your musings, your walkings through the earth, your entering into civilizations primitive and advanced, your experiences, your encounters. And every disc is an incarnation carefully calculated on spirals that wind about the cosmic clock. They are accurate. They are engrams recorded in living clay, living stone, living energy in akasha itself.

Human Existence Is the Vanity of Vanities

In this very moment, I am capable of reading simultaneously all of these clay discs of all of the lifewaves of Terra and of reading simultaneously all of these tablets for each individual lifestream of hundreds of thousands of years. And do you know what I say as the result of gazing upon these records? I repeat with the preacher, “All is vanity. All is vanity.”

And I ask, when will you come to that conclusion? That is my question. For I know that when the would-be chela comes to the conclusion that human existence is the vanity of vanities, then and only then will that chela be the chela worthy of Morya, of Saint Germain. When there is no longer an attraction for the things of this world and the success of this world, when there is no longer any desire for fulfillment in any of the facets of this world, then we look at the chela on whom we can count for action, for responsibility, for trustworthiness.

. . .

Create a Blueprint for the New Year

Precious ones, I have shared with you some of the burdens of the ascended masters meeting twenty-four hours a day for the salvation of souls on Terra. I have shared with you a bit of our perspective and I have called to you to set the pattern for the new year. I have said that that pattern is governed by past patterns and that you are limited as to how much you can launch out and be free from the old patterns and that which relieves you of certain limitations is the sacred fire of the violet flame, which Saint Germain has brought.

And so by an intense action of the violet flame invoked between now and the turning of the year, you will find that you in the Christ flame, that your Christ flame and Christ Self in you, may still shatter a clay tablet or two, a disc of record in your electronic belt and thereby enable you to transcend a former state and create a blueprint for the new year that will give you greater freedom, greater love, greater knowledge and greater opportunity for initiation.

Do not take lightly the sands that fall in the hourglass as they are running out in this year. For every grain is yet an opportunity to invoke the flame, to overcome and to thereby set a pattern that perhaps is a hundredth of an inch higher than what it would have been had you not elected to invoke that flame. And that hundredth of an inch may spare you the burden of considerable karma in the year to come.

And then you will see in each successive year, as you set the pattern again with your Christ Self and with the Lords of Karma, that by successive victories and applications and daily winnings in the game of life, year by year you will have a greater and greater circumference that is called the habitation of your soul, a greater area of movement and influence, a greater contact with souls of light. All is weighed in the great balance of the ascended masters. And, therefore, I commend you into the keeping of the sacred fire.

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“Let yourselves become concentrated now in the heart fire. And feel, as I, Saint Germain, place my purple fiery heart over your own physical heart and spiritual/etheric chakra, feel the violet flame burn and intensify. Invoke the violet flame until you feel it burn. Let this heart become the alchemist’s cauldron where all things may come to resolution in this window of opportunity.

“And now, in the name of the Lord’s day I affirm: I AM the Resurrection and the Life of the Seventh Age and Dispensation of Aquarius! And through the devotees of the violet flame we shall see what the Lord Gautama Buddha and Kuan Yin and all adepts of the Seventh Ray shall be able to precipitate in the earth.” – Saint Germain, April 14, 1990

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