The Covenant of the Chela

The Covenant of the Chela

(Prayer of the Humble Heart to Archangel Michael)

Where I am, there is Archangel Michael, the angel of the Lord. And where he is, there is God.

Therefore I will put off the shoes of my karma, my misunderstandings, my grumblings, my burdens, my cares, my opinions about others.

I will put off all of these and let my feet and my soul be naked unto God, unto the earth that is God’s.

I will go once again as the child of his heart without the sophistication of the pride of ambition of the things of this world which I have acquired from the Canaanite and his civilization.

I would be divested of all these things this day, O God. I would return to the pristine glory I knew with thee in the Central Sun.

So I AM thy heart, O God. Purge me now. I desire to be delivered of all these things, that I, too, might know Archangel Michael, face to face.

The Summit Lighthouse Australia