Winning the Ultimate Victory for Earth

angels This excerpt is from the dictation, Protection to the Servants of God, by Archangel Michael and the Seven Archangels published in the 1997 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 40 No. 24.

We come back to the conference table and once again we gather at Banff determined, come what may, that the chelas on earth who give their all to Saint Germain and the angelic hosts above can turn this civilisation around. The question remains, will they do so?

Call upon Saint Germain, for he is the great alchemist who can bring about change–change through the Holy Spirit, change by the union of world forces united in the common cause of winning the ultimate victory for earth’s evolutions.

Hear me, beloved! Saint Germain has the authority to reverse the very course of history, but in order to do so he must have violet-flame decrees from the chelas. For the Lords of Karma require a compensation for Saint Germain so that he is not indebted to the hierarchies of light on behalf of his chelas. To that end, therefore, deliver the violet flame to Saint Germain and his Messenger so that earth can indeed be turned around. Call upon the Lord. For if there are hearts who will pledge their lives to him, miracles can and will happen even beyond your wildest dreams.

Thus, beloved, we ponder our moves carefully, and we go before the Darjeeling Council and we give our offering. And the members of the Darjeeling Council are gratified.

So we say to you, beloved, if you despair, if you give up, if you have not resolved the issues of your psychology and you are preoccupied with yourself in a moment in cosmic history when you ought to be occupied with the saving of the world, well, beloved, the ascension may pass you by. No, you may not have that victory for want of having taken the time to move through the steps and stages required to come to that place of full God-determination within to be the living Christ.

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