The Greatest Gift of all

Merry Christmas from the Summit Lighthouse A meditation for increasing the light The Goddess of Light has given us a meditation for increasing the light within us. She said: It is well to develop a meditation on light whereby you see pinpoints of light throughout the body. Visualise yourself as a giant Christmas tree with a candle on every little twig and branch so that a million candles might burn on your tree of life to light the way for millions. Remember that at every point of every cell of your body, there is a nucleus in the atom and

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Imagine Yourself Among the Christmas Shepherds…

 In celebration of Christmas, the following is an excerpt from Lanello’s 1975 Christmas Eve address, The Flame of the Christ Mass published in the 1976 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 19 No. 50. Can you imagine yourself a shepherd this night on the hillsides of Judea nearing Bethlehem? And all that you possess in this world—your staff, your robe, your mantle, a blanket for warmth—all that is really your own is that flame. And God has sent you forth to light a world with that single flame. Imagine yourself dependent totally upon the flame—not a building, not a pulpit, not an

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