This excerpt on the therapy of divine love from For Love in Action by the Lady Master Nada published in the 1965 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 8 No. 30.

Wisdom expressed in action releases greater love into the hearts of those dedicated to its holy strands. Each lifestream upon earth ought to understand the spiritual significance of the heart as the center for the divine light.

The final abode of God’s light ray of individualized energy is the heart wherein the expanding threefold flame is secured. Being, then, expands its awareness through the flame within the heart. When you guard the action of that flame by determining that no person, place, condition, or thing shall ever interfere with it, the physical organ is strengthened and great cosmic compensation occurs to amplify the divine intent in man.

The therapy of divine love ought to be applied daily by all. Yet how sad it is, blessed ones, that mankind permit outer distractions to interfere with their spiritual nourishment whereas their physical hunger is seldom denied attention.

The heart is indeed the altar of being. If the body of man is to express the health of Almighty God, this wonderful center within the body temple must be bathed daily in a pool of unselfed love. The love of which I speak is too pure to be dissipated in feelings of self-righteousness which do subtly steal God’s vital energy. Such love is held inviolate through a grateful sense of expanding light energy whereby the merging of the individual self with God transforms the human monad into a radiating orb of God’s all-encompassing grace and perfection.

You know that the auric fields and atmosphere of some individuals and places do at times pull down your thoughts and feelings. Well, precious hearts of light, pay them no heed, but be and continue to be the fullness of that love which refuses acceptance of any imperfect conditions, whether they be imposed from another or originate in the recesses of one’s own subconscious memory.

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