The Power of Right Thought

This excerpt is from the dictation Teaching by Example by Kuthumi published in the 1970 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 13 No. 3.

The power of right thought to guide the lives of men is often overlooked; for the preeminence that men give to ego-centered emotions when making decisions that will affect their entire lives leads them into wrong thought patterns and negative spirals that can produce only more ego-centered emotions.

“He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.”

Emotional control is the need of the decade. This need must be recognized by those who would go forth as representatives of the World Teachers (Jesus and Kuthumi). You who would set the example for the age must also bear in mind that you cannot mold the thoughts of others by argument, nor will a display of the ego generate respect in those you would lead. Therefore, your only alternative is to follow the commandment of the Lord, to “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Teaching by example is the way of those who have attained self-mastery.

It Is Not Necessary to Classify Individuals

How well we know that the misinterpretation of an individual’s thoughts and motives often creates a false picture of his character. Therefore, blessed hearts, the Brotherhood explains that it is not necessary to classify individuals. But, if after reading our admonishment you still feel compelled to do so, will you not “reclassify” them if your first opinion should be wrong? Why be hasty or feel the need to shove everyone you meet conveniently into a niche of your own creation?

Practice the Presence of God in your own life, we say, invoke the Spirit of his discernment in all matters, and you will more readily spread the balm of peace and beauty among your peers.

How easy it is for men and women to find fault with one another! Yet, how true it is that each such episode of faultfinding, when it is falsely based in any respect, brings forth a karmic recompense which may well create in the lives of the faultfinders those very faults that they so easily condemned in others. What, then, is the value of holding the immaculate concept for those whose lives are so impurely lived? Is it not in order to invoke the magnetization of benign energies throughout the universe?

And, conversely, does not the sordid thought about another sully also the garments of the mind of the one engaged in the practice?

How quickly the vibrations of a building, or of a consciousness, are lowered as men and women continually dwell on the errors and shortcomings of others. Hierarchy does not say that there is anything wrong with the statement, “By their fruits you shall know them”; but in heaven’s name, blessed ones, to know what a man is at a given moment should not forever defraud him of the mighty potential of improving his lot.

While the lives of men are full of shame, ending in blame toward one another, we would make them to be full of hope, that the dawn of self-improvement might appear daily to each human life. Why should we limit men when the balm of forgiveness can bring about a spiritual equity in the entire evolution of a planet? What applies to men individually applies to organizations, to nations, and to the split infinitives of purpose.

Teachings of the Ascended Masters:

Meditation on God in Your Heart

 A meditation given by Elizabeth Clare Prophet following a dictation by Kuthumi published in the 1984 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 27 No. 58.

Feel the vibration of God in your heart. Visualise the threefold flame.

The Apostle Peter spoke of the hidden man of the heart, your beloved Christ Self. You can visualize the Christ Self in the secret chamber of your heart, and suddenly the chamber becomes the size of the altar and the dimension is such that you may enter in and kneel before the high priest of your temple.

Let us visualize beloved Jesus overshadowing us, his arms around us, standing taller than we are—his Electronic Presence enfolding us in the all-power of Love, the all-power of Wisdom, the all-power of the Will of God itself. Let us for this moment enter the very body of Christ in this manner and then enter into the heart of hearts, communing there in glory.

And as we say the name of God, it is an affirmation that draws the Light of God into the interior castle of our being.

And there we begin to hear the sound of angels singing the song of glory and of Home and of triumph here—here in the very heart of earth, here in the Matter spheres, here where we dwell for a purpose—that God’s kingdom within us might manifest here truly as the triumph of the Father with the Son through the Holy Spirit. In the name of the Mother, Amen.

(Here repeat aloud the mantra “O God, You Are So Magnificent!” with great feelings of love and devotion to the I AM Presence.)

Kneel before the living God in the person of the living Christ at the altar of being and offer your prayer and the command of Light to “Keep My Flame Blazing.” In this meditation, you are speaking directly, personally, face to face with the beloved Christ who lives in your temple:

Keep my flame blazing,
By God’s love raising,
Direct and keep me in my rightful place!
I AM Presence ever near me,
Keep me mindful of thy grace;
Flame of Christ, ever cheer me,
In me show thy smiling face!

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A Cosmic Interchange

Excerpt from the dictation Rise into Your Godhood by Krishna published in the 2003 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 46 No. 6.

I place my Electronic Presence now over each and every one of you. I show you this Presence in miniature form so that you may see that this ‘statue’ may become smaller and smaller until it abides in the secret chamber of your heart—though it is not a statue; it is the reality of myself. Think of the Presence of Krishna in your heart as you would think of the Presence of Jesus in your heart. I come to that secret chamber, beloved. For I know that the healing and the wholeness of yourself and the entire world will come about if you understand well that you have recourse unto me.

And in addition to that recourse, beloved, you also have my mantras. Let the children know all of these mantras by heart. They will sustain them when they go out into the world and face its challenges one day. Just as you teach your children to say the Hail Mary and to sing to the Divine Mother of Jesus, so let them know these mantras, beloved. Thousands have received protection in all ages, for they have entered into the heart of Krishna and I have entered into their hearts.

This, then, is the ceremony I would perform in this hour. It is a cosmic interchange.

I ask you to see yourself connected to me through the pattern of a figure eight. I hold one side, you hold the other. And the sacred fires of God and the Word in the Beginning are passing over this figure eight. And as they pass through your heart, they transmute grief and sorrow and give you the song of everlasting life, the song celestial.

So know, beloved, that there is no break in the continuing stream of that sacred fire. That figure eight is the sign of infinity. It is the sign that you are infinite in the purest sense of your Godhood and in the soul that becomes the bride of Jesus Christ. This infinity, beloved, as you pray with it and through it by giving your bhajans, will bring you back to your immortality. That immortality, beloved, has been lost long ago, yet you have found it again. And God has given you a threefold flame, yet some have even lost it again.

Therefore I say, take time to meditate in silent prayer. Take time to meditate in the full power and majesty of the spoken Word, as your messenger has taught you. Know, then, that by the Word all things were framed. And by the Word you shall live. And by the Word one day there shall also come expansive dissolution as light replaces darkness and all things are made new.

I am ever Krishna and Krishna’s consciousness in you. Meditate on me and I will open again and again the flowing light over this sign of infinity. I remind you that you are infinite in God and finite in the earth. Respect, then, the laws of matter and the laws of Spirit, and triumph.

I am with you always. And if you will but hum a section of a mantra, there shall be no separation between us.

Teachings of the Ascended Masters:

A New Perception of the I AM Presence Chart

Thought Form of the Sine Wave to the Sun –

A New Perception of the Chart of Your Mighty I AM Presence

This excerpt from a lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet was delivered October 9, 1981 during the conference Sine Wave to the Sun and published in the 1981 Pearls of Wisdom Radiant Word Vol. 24 No. 47.

I would like to speak to you about the thought form that is in our poster for this retreat, the Sine Wave to the Sun. You might say that this is a different way of showing the Mighty I AM Presence, the Christ Self, and the individual who is ascending to God. You might also say that this sine wave is a ladder of light.

You can see the concentric rings in a dimension of the attitude of the soul climbing, or accelerating, the intensity of light and entering into the successive rings going into the Central Sun, which is the I AM Presence. And here it is depicted as an infinite galaxy of light.

If you can imagine the center of your Mighty I AM Presence as an infinite galaxy of light, you begin to think about a new perception of the Infinite One and the manifestation we have become so accustomed to meditating upon in the chart of the I AM Presence. This would be the individual, as you, clearly manifest as a ray of light coalesced in this dimension. The white fire in the center and the galaxy in the heart denotes the Christ Presence.

Many times we hear people ask, “Who is my Christ Self? Is it myself? Is it someone else? Is it someone with whom I can speak? Is it an energy? Is it a consciousness?” It is all of these things, depending upon your own positioning both on the outside of the sine wave–following it and becoming the sine wave–or being in the center of it, poised in that very perfect point of Cosmic Christ consciousness which is called the laya center….

We descended this ladder of light, each one having free will–each one, for various reasons, presenting himself before the Lord God Almighty in the Person of the Father/Mother God, Alpha and Omega. And therefore, we were given the opportunity to go into the outer universes, out from the original inner retreat in the heart of God. Some had the design of exercising the potential to be co-creator in the Matter spheres. Some wished to exercise free will independent of God. Others went forth as guardian spirits concerned about those who would go forth in a state of independence from the divine union.

For whatever reason, we find ourselves in the same octave, in the same frequency, which is a very narrow band of this physical universe. The outer universe is far more vast than this narrow band. Therefore finding ourselves together on the narrow band, we immediately have at least that in common. We can see one another, we can touch and feel one another, we can understand one another’s consciousness to a certain degree. And we understand one another’s problems because we share similar problems, similar karmic conditions….

Teachings of the Ascended Masters:

Create the Blueprint for the New Year

For this New Year, not only set a resolution, but create a blueprint for the coming year that includes steps to accomplish your goals by building your own life-changing momentum of an “intense action of the violet flame” with the 30-day Violet Flame Challenge! One month of encouraging emails with the ascended masters’ perspective on the almost magical qualities of the violet flame sent to you daily. Prove the violet flame works and make this year a major turning point in your life.

With a changing of cycles, along with taking stock of the advances and retreats of the last year, we can take the advice of the ascended master Chananda contained in these timeless excerpts from a dictation given December 28, 1975 and published in the 2016 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 59 No. 23 and Vol. 59 No. 24.

The Patterns of the Past Can Be Broken

We say, open the way for those who have made themselves worthy to receive. Open the way. Open the way. We call for the setting of the pattern of the new year. We call for the setting of the pattern on which successive patterns of successive years may be built.

When you look to yourself and to your soul and you ask, “What is my blueprint for this coming year?” do not neglect the patterns of the past—five hundred thousand, seven hundred thousand, nine hundred thousand years of incarnations.

And your patterns are as clay tablets. Thank God they are clay! Thank God they can be broken! But who has the authority to break the clay tablets of the records of infamy and darkness and the fall of the soul into the density of the physical plane? Who has the authority? Why, your own Christ Self.

And so you see, in setting the pattern for the new year, you are almost totally governed by all of the discs of the tablets of clay that are set upon one another, one by one, almost as a pile that reaches unto the skies. And yet, you see, they are not condensed in this plane. And all contain, within the electronic belt of your own forcefield, records of your musings, your walkings through the earth, your entering into civilizations primitive and advanced, your experiences, your encounters. And every disc is an incarnation carefully calculated on spirals that wind about the cosmic clock. They are accurate. They are engrams recorded in living clay, living stone, living energy in akasha itself.

Human Existence Is the Vanity of Vanities

In this very moment, I am capable of reading simultaneously all of these clay discs of all of the lifewaves of Terra and of reading simultaneously all of these tablets for each individual lifestream of hundreds of thousands of years. And do you know what I say as the result of gazing upon these records? I repeat with the preacher, “All is vanity. All is vanity.”

And I ask, when will you come to that conclusion? That is my question. For I know that when the would-be chela comes to the conclusion that human existence is the vanity of vanities, then and only then will that chela be the chela worthy of Morya, of Saint Germain. When there is no longer an attraction for the things of this world and the success of this world, when there is no longer any desire for fulfillment in any of the facets of this world, then we look at the chela on whom we can count for action, for responsibility, for trustworthiness.

. . .

Create a Blueprint for the New Year

Precious ones, I have shared with you some of the burdens of the ascended masters meeting twenty-four hours a day for the salvation of souls on Terra. I have shared with you a bit of our perspective and I have called to you to set the pattern for the new year. I have said that that pattern is governed by past patterns and that you are limited as to how much you can launch out and be free from the old patterns and that which relieves you of certain limitations is the sacred fire of the violet flame, which Saint Germain has brought.

And so by an intense action of the violet flame invoked between now and the turning of the year, you will find that you in the Christ flame, that your Christ flame and Christ Self in you, may still shatter a clay tablet or two, a disc of record in your electronic belt and thereby enable you to transcend a former state and create a blueprint for the new year that will give you greater freedom, greater love, greater knowledge and greater opportunity for initiation.

Do not take lightly the sands that fall in the hourglass as they are running out in this year. For every grain is yet an opportunity to invoke the flame, to overcome and to thereby set a pattern that perhaps is a hundredth of an inch higher than what it would have been had you not elected to invoke that flame. And that hundredth of an inch may spare you the burden of considerable karma in the year to come.

And then you will see in each successive year, as you set the pattern again with your Christ Self and with the Lords of Karma, that by successive victories and applications and daily winnings in the game of life, year by year you will have a greater and greater circumference that is called the habitation of your soul, a greater area of movement and influence, a greater contact with souls of light. All is weighed in the great balance of the ascended masters. And, therefore, I commend you into the keeping of the sacred fire.

Teachings of the Ascended Masters:

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