Video Lectures by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Ye Are the Light of the World

The Summit Lighthouse is launching the new YouTube Channel introducing people to Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the key elements of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. Once we get just 100 likes, we will be able to rename the channel to “Elizabeth-Clare-Prophet.”

These introductory videos give searchers 5 minute clips of great teachings and ideas for making their day and life better. We are in the process of editing and posting additional great clips of teachings to help transform a people and a planet.

This channel does not replace the current Summit Lighthouse channel, but is a great introductory avenue for people to find out “who is Elizath Clare Prophet?” and “what are the Teachings of the Ascended Masters?” For those looking forward to videos of full lectures, we are creating other channels for those treasured videos.

Please check out the videos we have available so far and add your “Like!” at: (see why we need to change the channel address to something a little more memorable?)

Teachings of the Ascended Masters:

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