This excerpt on the archangels and the angels of the love ray is from a lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet from the The Healing Power of Angels series published in the 1986 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 4629 No. 25.

Each one of the seven rays and the archangels who serve on those rays focuses an entirely different vibration and initiation. You need to make friends with the archangels. They are already your friends. And the legions who serve under them are your very personal brothers and sisters. They move with you, they do all they can do for you. And what prevents their total and complete giving of themselves to you is the absence of your understanding of the Call—calling the archangels and their legions of Light into action to assist you on your path of personal Christhood, to cut you free, to help you.

. . .

We discover, then, that Charity is more than a virtue. Charity is a divine being, an angel of the feminine ray who in answer to our call comes into our hearts. The knowledge of the call is the greatest key to your victory in life. This is a simple call you can make:

Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, beloved Father, send to my side, to my right and to my left, right now, Archangel Chamuel, Archeia Charity. Send them to me, O God, and raise up thy mighty Spirit of Love within me.

I ask it and I call it forth with all of my heart.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

This is a very simple way to compose a call, calling in the name of your Mighty I AM Presence to the heart of the Father to send his angels to your side and to do so in the name of the Son of God. You needn’t have it written down. It comes spontaneously from your heart wherever you see need. You can make this call for your children, for your family, for strangers in distress.

What is the key to God’s heart? What opens the channels between heaven and earth? It is your devotion, your purest devotion and love for Christ, for God, for all the saints in heaven, for all of the millions of angels who serve at the throne of grace, for one another and especially for yourself.

If you do not love yourself, how can you love your twin flame? And Jesus said, if you do not love your neighbor whom you have seen, how can you love God the Father whom you have not seen?

So we seek attunement with our Father. We seek the full power of Light. We seek to be one not only with the virtues of God but with those whom he has called to embody those virtues—our divine Teachers. This is the reason for being of the mighty archangels. They come to teach us, to inspire us, and to show us how to draw into our own aura, our own dynamic forcefield, into the electronic field of Light around our bodies, the qualities of heaven, the love of God, the wisdom, the will of God, his purity.

All these things are ours naturally by divine inheritance, but when we move through the world and its density, somehow they are absorbed. And so we have to daily renew our momentum, because we always want to have so that we may give.

Devotion, then, is a very important part of seeking and finding God’s helpers and working together with them for world peace and freedom. It has been my greatest desire for many years that the whole world should know the friendship of the angels.

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