The Spiritual Quest

Sat. 25th June 2-4pm-Expand the Flow of Light Within Part 1 Sat. 16th July 2-4pm-Expand the Flow of Light Within Part 2 Sat. 30th July 2-4pm- How Karma Works-Part 1 Sat. 13th Aug. 2-4pm. Balancing Karma- part 2 Melbourne Teaching Centre 3 Devon St, Croydon, Vic. COST: $5 Transform your life, find inner peace and […]

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Keep that Flame Blazing in the Earth

…for it is the sustainment of worlds ye know not of! This an excerpt from a dictation by the Great Divine Director published in the 1989 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 32 No. 31. As I look upon the Son Gautama and recall his response to the question “Who are you?” and his answer, “I am […]

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Sending Freedom’s Flame in God’s Name

This excerpt is from a dictation by Gautama Buddha published in the 1978 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 21 No. 43. This is the purpose of America–not the enslavement of peoples, not the tolerance of the enslavement of any part of life, but the sending forth of freedom’s flame in God’s name. Therefore in this cycle […]

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Violet Fire and the Memory of God

This violet fire post is an excerpt from the Corona Class Lesson 23 by Kuthumi originally published in the 1961 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 4 No. 50. Therefore, it must be pointed out that the memory of man is at present not the memory of God, for the old patterns and records of sin occupy […]

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El Morya’s Golden Rope

You may have heard about the Shakespeare cipher and the encoded teachings within each play, but did you know that El Morya’s dictations, taken from beginning to end are all cipher, as well? It’s true. The cadences of El Morya’s mind conveyed through each sentence in his dictations form a rope-like pathway which leads directly […]

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Violet Flame Vigil to Save the World Re-launched!

Renewed. Refreshed. Ready to Go! On July 4th, 2012, we reached out to Keepers of the Flame around the world to launch a Worldwide Violet Flame Vigil. In a few short months, more than 1500 people from 75 countries were participating. Now, in 2016, the world needs the violet flame more than ever and, once […]

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Violet Flame Challenge

…to Heal Body, Mind and Soul Gain Control of Your Life Shine the powerful Light of the Violet Flame wherever you desire change! 15-minutes a day is all it takes… What Stands Between You and Heaven? Spiritual Seekers want to find the meaning of life. They want to find purpose and reunite with the heart […]

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I AM an electrode of the Great White Brotherhood

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