The Path of Adeptship

With the release of the DVD The Path that Leads to Adeptship, we have collected a few of the many references the masters and archangels have made to becoming adepts. Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 38 No. 13 – Beloved Lanello Go for your adeptship and make adeptship your concentration, flanked by the Love of Maitreya […]

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Become a Violet Flame Sphere

This post is from the 1988 Pearl of Wisdom by beloved Omri-Tas form his dictation Be the Spark That Ignites a Cosmos!. Year upon year, millennium upon millennium, we attend, therefore, the coming of age of the children of the Sun on earth. We dare not endow this planet with our momentum while she is […]

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Fanning the Flame of Your God-Self

This post is from the 1976 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 19 No. 28 – Saint Germain’s December 8, 1963 dictation. The decree 7.26 The Flame of Freedom Speaks is taken from this memorable dictation. You must recognize that individuals must elect for themselves to be the chosen of God. We cannot do it for you. […]

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Paul The Venetian

Love Must Be the Cure

This post is an excerpt of the 1993 dictation by Paul the Venetian, Love: The Age-old Solution published in Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 36 No. 3. Love must be the cure in this opening of the new year with new opportunity. Therefore, at the focus of the threefold flame in the obelisk in Washington,1 in […]

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A Twinkle of Mirth

To help with creating a New Year’s resolution, we bring you El Morya’s Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 1 No. 13 from November 7, 1958. Let the Twinkle of Mirth Abound on Earth The twinkle of mirth is needed on earth in many a situation in which mankind find them­selves. A happy, confident approach to any […]

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The Summit Lighthouse New President

By the TSL/CUT Board of Directors Please Join Us in Welcoming Our New President to The Summit Lighthouse and Church Universal and Triumphant! We are very excited that starting February 1, 2016, Rev. Valerie McBride will be the new president, ready to take up the reins of The Summit Lighthouse and Church Universal and Triumphant […]

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I AM in the flame of Alpha and Omega