• elmorya_original.jpgFor 50 years the Summit Lighthouse® has been meeting the needs of spiritual seekers, publishing the teachings of the Masters from world-renowned authors, Mark and Elizabeth Prophet and their students.
    We offer and explain life-transforming tools such as the spiritual light called the violet flame, as well as spoken prayers called decrees for accelerating your spiritual adventure.
    We believe that the Spirit of God lives within us as a flame burning in the heart. Our goal is to reunite with this inner God-flame and to ascend to permanent oneness, becoming masterful, immortal beings.

    Through countless incarnations and services rendered to the hierarchy, learning the ways of the world and the ways of the cosmos, I came to the place where I could follow the ray of my own God Presence back to the heart of the Flaming One.
    And so at the conclusion of the last century, I followed that ray to the white fire core and I did not return with the dawn of the morning light to Mater, but I accepted the ritual of the ascension for one purpose: to serve the will of God in a greater capacity than I was able while in embodiment.

    — El Morya

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Elohim Heros and Amora (x9)