Ring the Planet with Violet Flame

This excerpt on the violet flame is from the Goddess of Liberty’s 1996 address, A Fierce Determination to Save This Planet published in the 2003 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 46 No. 12. Now you have heard of Saint Germain’s great need for the violet flame to forestall a cataclysm that, once begun, will not be […]

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Archeia Charity

Friendship with the Archangels

This excerpt on the archangels and the angels of the love ray is from a lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet from the The Healing Power of Angels series published in the 1986 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 4629 No. 25. Each one of the seven rays and the archangels who serve on those rays focuses an […]

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Rub the Violet Flame Lamp…

…and See What Happens This violet flame post is an excerpt from Elohim Arcturus’ 1993 Easter Retreat address, published in the Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 36 No. 30. So you will decide whether the violet flame shall be for you the point of the springboard of your victory! So you will decide whether this vessel […]

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Violet Flame Visualization from Saint Germain

This excerpt of a violet flame visualization is from Saint Germain’s 1960 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 3 No. 10. My precious students, chelas and friends, if you will try to realize right now how more than willing I am to draw you very close into my own heart, it will assist you ever so much […]

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Violet Flame and the Secret Rays

This excerpt on the violet flame is from Lanello’s 1986 address, Mysteries of the Violet Flame in the Heart of Buddha published in Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 29 No. 36. Blessed ones, your heart must determine the day of Victory. Your heart can know the shortening of the days, but it must enter more intense […]

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An Illustration to Help Retain God-Control

The following is an excerpt by Jesus published in the 1960 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 3 No. 28. To help fit you for new dimensions of service and to anchor the instruction of the many previous years, I wish to describe for you in my role of cosmic teacher, a pictorial illustration which should help […]

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Master Hilarion’s Retreat

Evening Prayer to Master Hilarion Before Retiring Every two weeks classes are held in the Etheric realms at one of the Chohan’s retreats. Classes at Hilarion’s retreat run until January 4th 2017. In preparation for the spiritual tests we face the next day, El Morya asks us to call in the name of your own Christ Self […]

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The Greatest Gift of all

Merry Christmas from the Summit Lighthouse A meditation for increasing the light The Goddess of Light has given us a meditation for increasing the light within us. She said: It is well to develop a meditation on light whereby you see pinpoints of light throughout the body. Visualise yourself as a giant Christmas tree with […]

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Elohim Peace and Aloha (x9)

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