Meditation on God in Your Heart

A meditation given by Elizabeth Clare Prophet following a dictation by Kuthumi published in the 1984 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 27 No. 58. Feel the vibration of God in your heart. Visualize the threefold flame. The Apostle Peter spoke of the hidden man of the heart, your beloved Christ Self. You can visualize the Christ […]

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Elizabeth Clare Prophet YouTube Channel

Video Lectures by Elizabeth Clare Prophet Ye Are the Light of the World The Summit Lighthouse is launching the new YouTube Channel introducing people to Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the key elements of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. Once we get just 100 likes, we will be able to rename the channel to “Elizabeth-Clare-Prophet.” […]

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A Cosmic Interchange

Excerpt from the dictation Rise into Your Godhood by Krishna published in the 2003 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 46 No. 6. I place my Electronic Presence now over each and every one of you. I show you this Presence in miniature form so that you may see that this ‘statue’ may become smaller and smaller […]

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Love God in One Another

This excerpt is from the lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet Perfect Love Casts Out Fear delivered November 20, 1980 published in the 2001 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 44 Nos. 6 – 8. We read from the words of our Lord and the apostle that “perfect love casts out fear because fear has torment.” How does […]

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A New Perception of the I AM Presence Chart

Thought Form of the Sine Wave to the Sun – A New Perception of the Chart of Your Mighty I AM Presence This excerpt from a lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet was delivered October 9, 1981 during the conference Sine Wave to the Sun and published in the 1981 Pearls of Wisdom Radiant Word Vol. […]

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Create the Blueprint for the New Year

For this New Year, not only set a resolution, but create a blueprint for the coming year that includes steps to accomplish your goals by building your own life-changing momentum of an “intense action of the violet flame” with the 30-day Violet Flame Challenge! One month of encouraging emails with the ascended masters’ perspective on […]

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The Power of Perfect Peace

The Power of Perfect Peace excerpt is from the New Year’s dictation by Gautama Buddha given during the The Class of the Archangels conference and published in the 1981 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 24 No. 11. Perfect peace is an armor for the fight. It is a ring-pass-not. O you who are weary of the […]

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I AM Presence chart

Experiencing the Love of the I AM Presence

This excerpt on the I AM Presence is from the New Year’s Eve dictation by El Morya published in the 1986 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 29 No. 80. We desire to make you like us, not for you to become dependent upon us. We desire you to know that in this state of transition through […]

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The Covenant of the Chela

The Covenant of the Chela

The Covenant of the Chela (Prayer of the Humble Heart to Archangel Michael) Where I am, there is Archangel Michael, the angel of the Lord. And where he is, there is God. Therefore I will put off the shoes of my karma, my misunderstandings, my grumblings, my burdens, my cares, my opinions about others. I […]

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