Montessori intensive

Montessori for Teachers and Parents, Home-Schoolers and Family Day Care Workers with Mary Ellen Maunz, USA Find out more about Mary Ellen World Class Montessori Educator on 1st Lecture Tour in Australia Teacher Trainer and Early Reading Specialist At Thomas More Montessori School. Bega Multi-Purpose Room at TMC Montessori School  2-6 Willow Court, Bega Special […]

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Lotus Flower

Meditation for Unity

Join us live on Mixlr this Saturday at 11:00AM EST This Meditation was originally given through Elizabeth Clare Prophet when she visited Ottawa, Canada September 1998 for a three day seminar entitled : “Your Life’s Purpose: Hearts United in Divine Purpose. “ The Meditation is sponsored by Micah the Angel of Unity. “Micah overshadowed the […]

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Archangel Michael.jpg


Have you ever felt the presence of an archangel? Has an angel touched your life? Angels and archangels are with us everyday. But to experience their love and the gifts they bring, we must invite them into our lives.

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Mind and Emotions.

The disciplining of the mind can be found in the practice of meditation. The disciplining of the emotions must be found in interaction with others. There is no more certain way to gain mastery of the emotions than to have to mingle with people from all walks of life and to always prefer to impart […]

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Saturday Service

The Melbourne Teaching Centre is ready for the Saint Germain service this evening at 5pm in Croydon, Victoria. If you would like more information about Saint Germain or other services at The Summit Lighthouse please call our Toll Free number 1300 554 384. Other Services: Jesus Watch Service (Wednesday) Ascension Service (Friday) Sunday Service (Sunday)

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I AM Presence

The upper figure in the chart is your I AM Presence, the I AM THAT I AM, the individualization of God’s Presence for every son and daughter.

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Travelling to the Etheric Retreats

Locations of the Etheric Retreats Recently Revealed The locations of the physical and etheric retreats of the archangels, ascended masters, and Elohim have only recently been revealed. We are fortunate in this time that the masters have given us this knowledge. They do not have to give us these revelations, but they do so because […]

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I Am the knowledge of the Law

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