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This Meditation was originally given through Elizabeth Clare Prophet when she visited Ottawa,
Canada September 1998 for a three day seminar entitled :

“Your Life’s Purpose: Hearts United in Divine Purpose. “

The Meditation is sponsored by Micah the Angel of Unity.

“Micah overshadowed the children of Israel throughout their desert wanderings. You can picture Micah in that white-fire cloud that accompanied the children of Israel—the “pillar of cloud by day” and the “pillar of fire by night”

We are fortunate to have a recording of this beautiful, timeless meditation. Songs, dynamic decrees and visualisations are interwoven to bring the Light and Love of God into situations of your heart’s choosing It includes an opportunity to focus on personal, group and global situations.

There is strength in hearts joined together in a united purpose. You are warmly invited to participate in this meditation.. Let us bring Light and Love into difficult situations within ourselves, our lives and the world.

Micah Mediation flyer.pdf

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