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  • Natural, wholesome food strengthens the body’s self-healing power
  • With knowledge of of healing foods, we can take responsibility for our own health and live life to the utmost
  • Food is the best source of vital nutrients that maintain and restore health.
  • Nutrient deficiencies are a common factor in chronic illness


Food is the best medicine

Steven Acuff shows which foods strengthen our self-healing power and which ones weaken it. He explains how to eat to overcome health problems and to enjoy optimal life quality, based on over 40 years of practical experience as a nutrition coach. Don’t miss this chance to learn more about how to keep yourself on track for a long and healthy life.

Food Components

Fat: Should we eat more or less? Which fats make us healthy, which ones makes us ill? Why are the conventional assumptions about fat mistakes?

Carbohydrates: What are the weak points of the popular low carb way of eating? Which carbs promote health, which ones undermine it.

Protein: How much animal quality and how much plant quality (beans, lentils) protein is right? How should they be properly prepared? How much protein, fat and carbs should there be in an optimal meal?

Food Rogues

Dairy: Which health disorders and illnesses are most closely linked to dairy food? What can replace dairy food? What helps to overcome the problems from dairy consumption?

Sugar: Why are “diet” products with synthetic sweeteners harmful? What are the best sweeteners? When should all sweeteners be avoided? How can we restore balance after eating lots of sweets. How about fruit?

Trans Fat: How does trans fat do harm? Which foods contain trans fat?

Caffeine: How does caffeine burden the body? Why don’t we get real energy from coffee? Does the theobromine (caffeine) in chocolate make it a problem food rather than a super food?

Nightshades: Why are tomatoes not all they are cranked up to be? How do potatoes cause the body to
calcify? Which health problems can we overcome by avoiding all nightshades (potatoes, bell peppers, egg plant, chilli, tobacco)?

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