A Maitreya Meditation upon the Heart

This meditation from a dictation by Lord Maitreya was delivered July 1, 1981, and published in the Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 24 No. 30.

Let us begin with a meditation upon the heart. Let us pursue the golden spiral of Life.

I would sit with you and ponder for a moment even the very intricacy of God. Will you not close your eyes, that you might penetrate deeply into the inner space of thine own heart.

In this stillness I re-create for you, beloved, the noble mansion of thy soul. Here is thy heaven. Here is thy earth. Thou art, as it were, God. For God is the center of this spherical interval. And you are in the center—one.

Here we affirm the mantra:

I and my Father are one. I and my Mother are one.

Thus, I draw the circle around the center. And you are not alone, yet the only awareness you have of Life itself is indeed your own God Self-awareness.

At first there is a noncomfortability in such aloneness. But by daily practice and the exercise of the heart, you begin to value this space of the Buddha—untampered with by men’s concepts of time yet, by frequencies of eternity, compartmentalized for the absorption of a vast light that is sealed in the single point in the center of the sphere.

Now be seated in that center and position thyself. See the white-fire dot coming into alignment with your own heart chakra.

Now sing with me this mantra. Let it be played upon our instruments, that we might flow with the tone of Alpha:

I and my Father are one. I and my Mother are one.

I and my Father are one. I and my Mother are one.

I and my Father are one. I and my Mother are one. (sung 8x)

There is far more to this mantra than you can even imagine in your outer mind. For the fullness of manifestation in all degrees of consciousness within thy being comes about through the entering into the center of the spiral and there converging, inverting the light but never perverting any formula of the sacred fire. Thus, penetrating downward and around and upward again—this mighty flow of inner God-realization ultimates in the manifestation where I AM of Alpha and Omega, worlds without end.

Let us continue the mantra, pouring love—the most intense white fire—into the sphere of Alpha and Omega, now congruent in the etheric octave with your own heart, beloved ones.

For this is why I AM here—to extend starry bodies of far-off worlds within the vastness of my own being, each star the coordinating point of Alpha and Omega. Where there is the fervent heart, the fervor of your heart will magnify the intense white-fire glow. Let it be!

I and my Father are one. I and my Mother are one.

I and my Father are one. I and my Mother are one. (sung 6x)

I approach nearer, then. And I come for the sealing of the point of light in the center of the sphere of thy being. I seal—by the meshing of worlds—your inner heart, your heart flame, and this fiery-sun point of light.

I seal the figure-eight flow. And each time you enter into this meditation, you may visualize the twin spheres of the figure eight and of the eighth ray merging as one—as the white-fire/blue-fire sun.

Now you are the chela of white fire! Now you are the chela of dazzling blue perfection! Let the merging of the diamond and the sapphire of the heart of Morya be for the merging of the white-fire/blue-fire sun of the God Star Sirius.

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Making the World Safe for the Manifestation of God

This timeless wisdom, as apropos now as the day it was given, is from Saint Germain’s September 1967 Pearl published in the Pearl of Wisdom®, Vol. 10 No. 38

Faith in the Purposes of Almighty God

How many times we have sought some pathway into the soul, into the heart, into the person of a man, that we might restore the boundaries of the old temple of the Son of God. The Only Begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth, the magnificence of the Cosmic Christ, is God’s gift to every man. Culminating in the life of Jesus two thousand years ago, this manifest example of divine grace, by the power of holy law, sought to give mankind the fullness of grace as an adjunct to the law that would supersede, in part, the ancient Mosaic codes. He sought to expand greater light in the world through the kingdom of Christendom in order to make the world safe for the manifestation of God.

But the Communist hordes came and the fertile brain of Karl Marx expounded the philosophy of the damned that would ignore karmic law, the law of recompense that justly conveys to each lifestream the fruit of his own labors. Thus men sought to legislate against heaven and to provide in the world a form of social salvation—housing for bodies, food for bodies, dialectical materialism for minds, side by side with invective, maldesign, and social unrest which were intended to destroy the matrix of the invisible world, to destroy man’s rights to spiritual freedom, to force him into a smothering state wherein the social order would take complete dominion over his life.

Instead of being rid of this blight, the world today is even more steeped in it. The dogmas of Communism have invaded the Church as the powers of darkness have sought to spread a web of confusion over the minds of men, thus, in the name of brotherhood, to deprive them of their freedom.

The cooperation of individuals in high places with the forces of darkness has imposed upon mankind today in the bookstalls of the world, in the theater, in the places of learning, through communication media of television and radio, the strange semantics of those who seek the control of the minds of men for whatever parcel of reality they deem worthy of their energies. Thus the voices of the damned proclaim a false freedom, and the innocent together with the guilty become carrion abominators—denying the Christ, denying the Light of the world, denying peace and goodwill to men.

The warlords of the world, united with the financial interests, have made merchandise of true culture. The teachings of the great men of letters, of prophets, of minstrels of the Spirit, of the great musicians of old, of great painters and sculptors is in a state of decay; for the world has entered the madness of the spoilers and the sensuality of the purveyors of enervating and senseless thrill to the hurt of men.

In the Book of Revelation allusion is made to the fact that the stingers are in their tails, and veritably in the tails of men, in the lower order of their consciousness, have the forces sought to bring down this nation as fallen Pompeii. Freedom and democracy are less enshrined as the days pass, and the high-court decisions of the United States have defrauded men of the necessary protection of law and order in a land where men are not yet trained withal to understand the laws of karma and that they are indeed their brothers’ keepers.

Now, then, with all of this destructive manifestation and the resultant decisions made by the Lords of Karma, we say to every son of heaven, to everyone who loves freedom, who desires to see it sustained either in his own personal world or in the worlds of men: now is not the time to loll indolently and to say, “So what?” or “What can I do about it?” Now is the hour of reckoning when men must continue to plight their faith in the purposes of Almighty God, regardless of the world’s madness.

Take no example from the decadent. Pursue not with them the same “riots to destruction.” Set your course by the stars, by the light of your Presence, by the compassion of the Christ, by recognition of the seamless garment of universality, by the sinless state that holds to the proclamation of God that life is good and beautiful.

Be a Rock of Ages, be immovable in Christ, abound with the joie de vivre that always rests in faith in Godly ideals.

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Cast Your Anchor to Your I AM Presence

This exercise of casting your anchor is from the Wesak 1992 dictation by Gautama Buddha published in the Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 35 No. 20.

Where Have You Anchored Yourself?

It is the hour, then, to cast the anchor of your being into the Great Causal Body above. You have anchored your hopes and dreams in the astral sea. So accustomed have you become to anchoring yourself in lower levels that you do not realize how many anchors of desire you have dropped beneath that deep blue sea, which grows black as you descend the fathoms.

Cross this sea! Do not be anchored in it or to it. Yes, cast your hopes and your dreams, your longings but above all your will into the great sea of Light, the sea of Light that is the Causal Body of your I AM Presence. All elements of Light are in this Causal Body, this great, great firmament of Light.

How do you cast an anchor up, high up – up in the sense of in the very accelerated vibrations of consciousness of your I AM Presence?

The Presence resists anything that is less than the light of your perfection of soul. Thus, imagine pulling against the gravity of karma and against the lesser self, knowing that with all of your might you must heave this anchor of pure hope into the very highest octaves. The thirty-three planes await the arrival of your anchor with a mighty thud, as you have hurled it with the assistance of Hercules and Amazonia.

I come to speak to you of this concept this night, beloved, because the astral sea does rise. It is a treacherous sea. As boisterous as the wind might be and as threatening as the waves, the astral sea does not reveal what is beneath the surface. Thus, your moorings must be elsewhere and you must pull from the depths, from the very deep itself, substance of your being that you have allowed to be tied to the lower levels of the astral plane.

This is the exercise of the hour and of the year: to withdraw yourself from the lowest levels to which you have descended, thoughtlessly or thoughtfully, premeditatedly or without even a care. It is dangerous, I say, for you to have any portion of yourself tied to these lower realms. [This subject] is worthy of [your] consideration.

Think as I speak to you now, beloved: What portion of yourself have you left behind? What desire that is not of God have you clung to, have you kept, that is pulling you down to those lower levels? I repeat, beloved, it is dangerous.

– – –

Dare to Move Closer to the Son of God

I AM Gautama. And you know that you must cross the sea of samsara.1 And you know the ship of Maitreya.2 And you know that ships carry not one but many anchors. And [in ancient times] the greatest anchor of all was called the “sacred anchor”; and when it was cast at the last, that anchor, then, was the last hope of sailors that the ship would hold against the tides and the storms of the sea.

Yes, beloved, you hope in Christ, him the hope of glory. And your hope does not waver, for your hope in Christ is answered when you answer, when you dare to move closer to that Son of God, that Sun of being, fearing not but hearing the voice, “Come up higher!” Hope is being faithful in all things, not just a few but all things. That faithfulness, beloved, is rewarded. And again, you feel the tautness of the rope as though Christ himself were the very anchor that you have cast: “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

Be the anchor in this world, beloved. Be the hope of many. Be steadfast. Be persevering. Hold on to the salt of the sea and the minerals and the jewels and all that the sea of life contains. Let your aura be rich in the gifts of the Spirit and in all those gifts that temper the quality of the earth, providing nourishment to the body that the soul may inhabit it with joy.

– – –

This night, O my beloved, I cast my anchor of hope into the heart of the true chela. And I say, if you were not a true chela five minutes ago, you may become one just that quickly! Simply surrender all to your Mighty I AM Presence and see how you, the true chela, will know the beauty of your true Guru.

1. samsara (Sanskrit, literally ‘wandering through’, ‘journeying’): passing through a succession of states; the indefinitely repeated cycles of birth, misery and death caused by karma; corporeal existence; worldly illusion; the universe of manifestation and phenomena as distinguished from the real existence which lies behind it; the veil of sorrow, pain and illusion.

2. Ship of Maitreya. The clipper ship is the symbol of Lord Maitreya. It is the ship of initiation–the ship the soul takes to travel over the sea of samsara. Lord Maitreya has said: “I am the captain of a mighty ship, a sailing vessel where I take you on journeys of the soul….I AM that Law that does deliver thee. And the means of deliverance which you have seen as the clipper ship is truly my Causal Body” (July 2, 1978, March 24, 1985).

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Spiritual topics by the Ascended Masters through their messengers Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Jesus, the Archetype of the Christed One

This excerpt from a lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet was delivered May 25, 1975, at the seminar The Buddha and the Mother, held in San Diego, California and published in the 2000 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 43 No. 49.

The definition of the Christ Consciousness is a perfectly balanced threefold flame, all plumes at the same height and the energies consecrated to the correct qualification of the sacred fire—pure love, pure wisdom, pure power. That means, for example, that all misuse of power as tyranny has to be transmuted into the pure action of the will of God. All misuse of the yellow plume in intellectual pride and the tendency of the ego to displace the Christ has to be surrendered. Selfish love, possessive love, all aspects of the misuse of the pink plume must likewise be transmuted.

We see in Jesus the Christ the archetype of the Christed one, or the anointed one. Jesus was the Christ and was known as the Christ because his threefold flame was in balance and his energies were qualified according to the sacred fire. He was born almost without karma and at the hour of his transfiguration he had increased the size of his threefold flame to the point that that flame was no longer only one-sixteenth of an inch in size but was larger than his physical form.

The only way we can liberate the soul force in the chakras is by the light that we have anchored in the central chakra, the heart. Therefore the heart is the seat of all life, all living, all giving, all flowing, all energy received from God. And the heart receives the light that is distributed to all the other chakras. The light comes over the crystal cord from the heart of the I AM Presence and it goes directly to the heart, which distributes it to the three chakras above the heart, three chakras below, making a total of seven, plus the eighth chakra, which is in the chamber of the heart.

There are also five secret-ray chakras, making thirteen in all and there are a total of a hundred and forty-four chakras in the body of man. The remaining chakras are lesser points for the release of light and are associated with the points of contact healing or acupuncture. They are places that can be contacted for a greater flow of energy in the body.

The secondary heart chamber is the eighth chakra, and if you are interested in pursuing a technical and advanced explanation of the chakras, I recommend the series by Djwal Kul that is to be found in depth in The Human Aura.

Invocation for the Threefold Flame

O, Christ within my heart, release thy light, thy threefold light. Connect each one to the Central Sun of the I AM Presence as rays of light of the Mother’s heart converging, strengthening, nourishing life, increasing the pulsation of the threefold flame.

In the name of Jesus the Christ, rise O threefold flame. Rise and compel consciousness free. Rise, O threefold flame. Rise as will of God. Rise as light of wisdom’s power. Rise as love’s own bower. Rise as compassion, comfort, purity, holy awe. Rise, O threefold flame, in the center of thy name, O God, I AM THAT I AM.

Inscribe upon each one in living flame the symbol of victory, the six-pointed star—ascending triangle, descending triangle—Matter and Spirit converging for the conflagration of Spirit’s integration in Matter, where Father-Mother God fuse the oneness of our love.

Christ, O Christed one, fill each one with light. Increase now the sacred fire of each heart. In the name of Jesus the Christ, we call to the heart of the Elohim Purity and Astrea. Converge in the heart chamber of each chela of the sacred fire. Circle the cause and core of all human desire. Replace it with God-desire, God wholeness.

In the name of Jesus the Christ, in the name of the Christ consciousness of every soul, we say, release the fiery energy for the goal of the ascension. Consecrate each heart as a living witness unto the flame, unto the immortal reunion of the soul with God.

O Mighty Elohim Astrea and Purity, encircle the cause and core of all that is less than Christ-will, Christ-wisdom, Christ-love. We call to the Great Central Sun Magnet released from the heart of Alpha and Omega. Demagnetize each chakra. Demagnetize the heart of all impurity, all hardness, all subtle and inferior motive. Let there be a purging of the heart of all disease, of all malaise, of all fear and discontent, all pride, all self-will. Let them go into the flame.

O Christed ones, O souls, by the gift of free will, let go of all of the misqualified energies of the heart. We commend them now to the fount of the living flame of the Holy Spirit. O Mother of the World, show thy face, thy image pure within each heart, as the image of perfection, protection, divine direction of a mother’s love.

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The Agitating of Peace

Excerpted from Gautama Buddha’s October 25, 1965 dictation published in the 1983 Pearl of Wisdom® Vol. 26 No. 8

Melodic stillness of Peace, radiate forth the cascading momentum of thy love, and let the world feel our peace—conveying harmony and balance from the Mind of God into the forcefield of individuality, bringing to every man’s doorstep the realization of the dignity of heaven and the requirements of this hour to the family of nations for the immediate manifestation of the Cosmic Christ as the crying need of the hour.

For the hearts of men require knitting together as never before, for the divisive forces of the world and the tumult created by antipathies which seem to flourish in this hour make it imperative that men understand how to preserve the values of spiritual missions to the world that are the salvation of mankind in every age.

Now, most gracious ones, as I come tonight to you—individually and collectively—it is somewhat to speak on a mission of love and a mission of gratitude. Men must understand that a mission of love is the fulfilling of the divine law by each individual, whereby he rejoices in carrying to mankind the boon of gratitude for the other lifestream and the selfless opportunity which such service brings to all. A reward imparting joy to another is indeed a means of imparting joy to oneself.

Stir Peace as With a Big Stick

You are the elect of God as you recognize the responsibility of the elder brother to stir peace as with a big stick so that it is also agitated and spread abroad.

Now the concept of agitating peace may seem at first to be a little different than that which you have thought about in the past. But let me call to your attention that all eternal values that are worth having require attention and energy and diversion of energy into the mainstream of thought so that individuals will apply the law of life, the law of their being, to a given situation at a specific time for a specific service.

You see, precious ones, there are many lonely hearts among the mankind of this earth. They are pilgrims. They come from afar. Many find life here disturbing to their sense of symmetry and balance. I would like, then, to speak to you, in connection with a mission of service, of the little children of the world and how dependent they are upon their elders for the release of some kernel of holy wisdom.

The little children need and require much love. This love is often only given through you. And if you close the door to that particular one that may be close to you that needs or requires your love or your service, you may indeed deprive them of a sole opportunity for solace and peace.

You do not at this moment realize how important the point of contact between yourselves and other parts of life is.

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